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Crock Pot Mexican Ground Beef Recipes

It was just ok, quite mild. The second time I was able to acquire chipolte paste from Marks and Spencer - smells delightful. On this occasion I added 2 tsp of the paste, a tip gleaned from the comments here. Served the chicken in a wrap with shredded lettuce, sour cream, cheese and guacamole. Also served some thinly sliced red onions and peppers on the side for anyone who wanted to add them.

It was delicious. Very pleased. Like others, I added cumin, paprika and oregano. I also used 2tsps of gran luchito paste and ml chicken stock. Used thighs instead and popped it all in the slow cooker for 2 hours on high. Really tasty. Would definitely make again with these additions! Made this in the slow cooker and added 3 tsp of chipotle sauce, peppers and kidney beans l. Really enjoyed it and will definitely make again. I really enjoyed this and so did my fiance.

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken and Rice Bowl

The spice was just right for me. Could of done with slight more flavour but i wouldnt not make it again because of that reason d. I enjoyed making this recipe - easy to prepare and didn't take to long to cook. I read the comments before hand and added in peppers and chickpeas.

I also added in ml of chicken stock, 1tsp of paprika, 1tsp cumin, 1tsp oregano for extra flavour as previous comments said it was bland without. I then served with with some rice and 1 small tortilla.

I will be making this again. I made this in the slowcooker, on low over 8 hours, and it was really good. Served with a squeeze of lime and fresh coriander on top. Couldn't find Chipotle paste, so soaked dried chipotle Sainsbury's do them! I wish I had read the comments first. Cooked according to the recepie it is bland and tasteless. Will try again at some point with the suggestions in the comments!! Hello do you think this could be frozen? There is no symble to indicate Regards. Yes, no reason why you cannot freeze it.

I have frozen my leftovers. Chose chicken thighs as much more moist, slicing and cooking in with the onion and garlic. And mwah! One hell of a tasty dish!! Mix in some freshly chopped cilantro if desired and serve. I usually use the high setting and slow cook it for 4 hours. If you have a little more time and want to use the low setting, I recommend slow cooking it on low for hours. As the meat cooks, the fat starts to render and provides enough liquid and flavor! See Instant Pot notes below and in the recipe card. To make these carnitas in the Instant Pot pressure cooker , add all the ingredients into the pot just like you would in the slow cooker method, and then add in 1 cup of broth — chicken, beef or vegetable will all work.

Let the pressure release naturally for 15 minutes, then manually release the remaining pressure. Shred and serve as normal. Yes, but I would add a tablespoon or two of fat — either olive oil, coconut oil or whatever you prefer.

How to Make Mexican-Style Beef - Slow Cooker Recipes - roundleterere.tk

To freeze, cool the pulled pork carnitas to room temperature. Place it in an air tight freezer bag, leaving about 2 inches of room at the top to allow for expansion, and freeze. It can be kept frozen for months. Looking for ways to use your pork carnitas?

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Here are some of my favorite ways to eat it throughout the week! To get more easy Mexican recipes delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for my weekly email newsletter. I made this with pork and I loved it!! Can I use same ingredients for flank steak in the slow cooker?

Crock-Pot Mexican Chicken - Garnish & Glaze

Thank you, Jessica! Flank steak is a very lean cut of meat though so I may add a few tablespoons of olive oil or other fat to give it a richer flavor and help it not dry out as much. You may also need to add a cup of broth. OMG amazing. We ate it as taco bowls, the kids as burritos, with a roasted tomatillo salsa and guacamole. So, so good.

Mexican Beef Dinner Recipes:

Thank you so much, Justine! I totally agree! I am going to make this for dinner tonight. Will post the results am very excited to cook this because my hubby is from mexico and I am tired of cooking the same old things. I looked over all of your post for food and I have to say will be using most of them. Sounds delicious! I have a pork butt on the bone…do I have to cut it up or can I put the whole thing in the crockpot on low for 8 hours? I would still cut it up. It helps with the cook time and makes it a little easier to shred at the end.

I served this at a dinner party. So many compliments — but the best was when I was clearing the table — 2 women each grabbed spoons full and popped them in their mouths before I took the bowl away. So funny. Thanks for a great — easy slow cooker recipe. Aww, that makes me so happy! Love your website, recipes and suggestions! Thank you! Hi Janita, I think it just depends on how you serve it. It all just depends. They were tender, juicy, and easy to make. I highly recommend these!

Isabel, I have made these a couple of times. After the slow cooker process and shredding, I lay the port on a sheet pan and roast it in an degree oven, stirring 3 times in a 30 minute bake. The tips become crusty while the rest of the shoulder remains very moist. It kicks up the flavor just a bit.