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A handful of movies I dig out to watch, some music I like to play, favorite candies to pick up at the store. But my favorite is diving into some classic horror comics.

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And my favorites and perennial Halloween reads are EC Comics. My dad introduced them to me and I enjoyed the terrible acting, cheap sets, and silly gimmicks. We always watched them on Halloween and they never failed to amuse me. Did dramatic, spooky music run through your mind? Did a chill run up your spine? Wordpress theme "Conduit" developed by Matt Brett. Background designed by Greg Chapman. All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. Get a few quick bites from the HWA delivered straight to your inbox : Receive regular updates on our members' new releases, event announcements so you can meet your current and future Horror idols, and much more, just for Horror fans.

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As an aside, I find that period of history really interesting. And I love historical fiction in general. One thing I think can really help people when it comes to releasing a book is being focused on the purpose you want the book to serve. I learned a shit-ton about this from Dan Kennedy. He believes some of the most enduring books like Think and Grow Rich, Psycho-Cybernetics, and How to Win Friends and Influence People are built on the back of inspiring stories and not a whole lot of meat.

Now one might think that this would get in the way of people buying my high end copywriting courses or paying me huge fees to write copy for them. You can come away from that book and you could write some decent headlines.

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And you got the structure of how a letter should look. But it is a reference book more than it is an advocacy book. It has stayed on the shelf and people use it like they would a Words That Sell. They keep it to look at the templates and the structures. Those books over the years have brought speaking engagements and consulting assignments where people tell me to come teach this stuff to their team but not a lot of customers.

I hardly ever get a speaking inquiry because of them, but we get customers. I hope at least one person gets some use of what I believe to be some genuine wisdom on the part of Dan here. The entire focus of the seminar revolves around figuring out the most compelling purpose your content can serve for your business.

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Before putting words to paper, I advise people to think about the goals they have for their book. Thanks for sharing that perspective. This is hands down my favorite book and I believe anyone who has reached the level of being a guru to an audience would be served well to study how Dan opens himself up to his crowd in this book, going so far to talk about the time he was on the edge of committing suicide. Dan won a customer for life with that book, those disclosures, and I think most small business owners selling information or products can do the same when they artfully let people into their world.

Thanks for the recommendation. I also found My Unfinished Business really fascinating. Well done, I really enjoyed it! I am so glad I looked at the attachment to this tweet! I write a regular magazine column, facebook page with fans in 5 months and a blog but the thought of a book is so massive to me, know now that I am not alone! Perhaps I will put pen to paper sooner than I thought. Thank you Susan. Susan, What a powerful, motivating post! This is one of the best things I have read this week. Thank you! I read this post with much interest.


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I write non-fiction about insurance. After 24 years, it is what I know. I have already published a couple of e-books on insurance matters for Baby Boomers. I am currently working on a third one. I hope to get a couple more topics done next year so that I can combine all of them into one big reference manual. I did, however, want to let you know that I am one of the nerds who do check out who the publisher is for a book.

Some publishing houses cater more to my tastes than others. If you are contemplating going the traditional route than you should pay attention to who is publishing what. For some markets it makes a difference. For example, I was talking to a lawyer the other day. For him, having his book published by the Bar Association was a huge deal. It matters for that crowd. The expense can be mitigated to some degree by being smart about hiring freelancers and publishing the book through your own company vs.

Am in that phase of getting enough money together. It is true that self-publishing my chosen route will cost money! I paid them thousands of dollars and have gained nothing in return. Good luck. Three books! You could try Kindle publishing first. Then if your audience wants it, move into print once you have the funds for it. Subsidy publishing is rarely a good idea if you want to make any money or gain credibility from your book.

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Congrats on taking control of your books! My experience echoes a couple of your points. First, when I was trying to figure out whether to go with a publisher or the self-publishing route, several people who had books published told me to self-publish. Another said the process just takes a ridiculously long time — a year and a half or more. I ended up going with a small, niche publisher and my one major argument in favor of that course is having a tough editor to work over your manuscript.

It helped improve my book immensely. So, as you said, even if you decide to self-publish, hire a good editor. Especially if you plan on charging people for the book. Finally, my experience has been the opposite of what others have found. Hi Rob…you are absolutely right. Having an editor is vital, no matter how you opt to publish. Re: blog to book vs.

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