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Ebert's Essentials. Other works by the critic honored the movies he loved and addressed those he hated. Washington Post writer Gerald Bartell was similarly won over. Already a subscriber? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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More surprising is that the movie feels almost like a play at moments, with certain scenes stretching on for a half an hour at a time. The film follows two women who work for the Delhi Police: Soni Geetika Vidya Ohlyan , a young police officer with a penchant for not taking crap from people, and her supervisor Kalpana Saloni Batra. Both women battle routine sexism and bureaucratic headaches, and the cases they get often involve crimes against women. Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel do some of the best work of their careers as Lipsky and Wallace, bringing authentic chemistry to this brief but powerful relationship.

Where Hugh Grant goes, romance tends to follow. Will grows close with Marcus and his mother Fiona Toni Collette while still pursuing a relationship with another single mother, Rachel Rachel Weisz. Much of the conversation around Black Panther focuses on its impact as a blockbuster with a predominantly Black cast. It set a precedent for Hollywood, telling an unabashedly political story about colonization and the African diaspora. Packed with already-iconic moments, it earned praise for its witty dialogue, stellar cast, and visual world building.

In Under the Skin , Scarlett Johansson is an alien who stalks, seduces, and…does something to men she picks up in Scotland. Steeped in controversy upon its release and for good reason , Blue Is the Warmest Color is nevertheless a nearly unparalleled achievement in 21st-century filmmaking. There are elements of Blue Is the Warmest Color that still feel essential, if for no other reason than that we need more of what the film gets right, even while needing less of what it gets wrong.

The film, which follows Boix as he attempts to smuggle photos that incriminate the Nazi party of war treason while in the Mauthausen concentration camp, is predictably dark, somber, and incredibly difficult to watch—but an essential film about the Holocaust and the importance of upholding the truth. Warped by his own delusions, he radicalizes himself, and he attempts to take out a presidential candidate and a pimp. The supporting cast members were brilliant Jeff Goldblum!

Tessa Thompson! Cate Blanchett! Mark Ruffalo! Mike Flanagan Hush , Oculus takes a novel that has long been considered unfilmable and imbues it with tension and emotion. Carla Gugino gives a standout performance as Jessie, a woman who is left handcuffed to a bed in a remote cabin after her husband Gerald Bruce Greenwood dies unexpectedly.

The bulk of the film concerns her survival and how deep into the past she can go, and it actually improves upon the novel.

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An absurdly good debut from future Star Wars director Rian Johnson, Brick is a film noir set in high school; how good of a pitch is that? The detective who plays by his own rules in this case is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who stars as Brendan, an outsider on the hunt for the person who killed his girlfriend Emilie de Ravin. It also contains one of the all-time great non-comedic performances in a comedy, from Warren Oates as the fearsome Drill Sergeant Hulka. The film stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as Dean and Cindy, a couple whose relationship we see disintegrate as it cuts back and forth between when they first got together and their older, more damaged selves.

Director Derek Cianfrance, who would go on to make The Place Beyond the Pines and The Light Between Oceans shot the flashback scenes in a kind of grainy, Instagram-worthy style that ultimately serves to make them more romantic, while the present-day scenes look sleeker and colder, reflecting a kind of harsh realness. Both performances are heartbreaking Williams was nominated for an Oscar for hers , probably because the two leads actually spent time living together like a real couple between filming the scenes set in the past and the ones set in the future.

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By the time their characters had to break up, it feels all too real. A South Korean riff on Inception , Lucid Dream follows a journalist, Dae-ho, working to find his son, who was kidnapped three years earlier. The investigation has gone cold, but an experimental technique allows Dae-ho to relive the day his son was taken through lucid dreaming. For a premise as inherently grim as a parent searching for a lost child, Lucid Dream is surprisingly fun. The investigations taking place in dreamland and the real world intersect in interesting ways and the story is constantly upping the stakes.

The gorgeous cinematography, distinctive production and costume design, and haunting music all work together to create a wholly original portrait of the near future. Phoenix and Johansson both give performances that rank among the very best of their careers.

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This well-executed Brazilian shoot-em-up flick cuts no corners in telling its serpentine story and spares no gory details. Branded as O Matador outside of the United States, the film stars Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado as Cabeleira, a manchild assassin searching for his adopted father through the lawless badlands of Pernambuco. More importantly, director Rian Johnson knows how to pull off a captivating action sequence, not to mention the difficult balancing act of reintroducing classic characters while building on new ones.

By challenging the Star Wars fandom and attempting to shake the universe up, Johnson attempts something few other filmmakers would dare. Instead of watching a couple slowly drift apart, Baumbach tracks the dissolution of a best friendship between Frances Greta Gerwig, in her star-making role and Sophie Mickey Sumner. Christian Bale is pitch-perfect as Patrick Bateman, a Wall Street banker who indulges his murderous fantasies, and Reagan-era materialism is on full display. The business card scene never gets old. That Bale went on to be Batman and co-star Jared Leto became the Joker only makes the film more amazing and perverse.

Dramatically deciding whether someone is right or wrong for you is a common trope in the dating world and in romantic comedies , but having to choose between three people is another story.

33 movies to restore your faith in humanity eberts essentials Manual

One man is a total narcissist, another a controlling alpha male, and the third a shy geek who seems the most genuine. The first time I watched Superbad I laughed as often and as hard as I have laughed at any movie in theaters. If you buy the friendship, then everything else is gravy. Pumpkin and Honey Bunny. Great vengeance and furious anger. The dance. A syringe of adrenaline to the heart. The watch. I shot Marvin in the face.

Few movies have had an impact on pop culture the way Pulp Fiction has. Screengrab via Focus Features. Milk is a sad movie because it shows you how hard the gay rights movement had to fight for the most basic respect.