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What about the Men? Understanding the Concept of Victims of Crime 2. Impact of Crime, including Trauma 3. Right of Victims to Adequate Response to their Needs 4. Collecting Victim Data 5. Victims and their Participation in Criminal Justice Process 6.

Outlook on Current Developments Regarding Victims 8. The Many Forms of Violence against Children 2. The Impact of Violence on Children 3. Improving the Prevention of Violence against Children 5. Share this page Toggle Dropdown. Add selection. Create your own course:. US designates election infrastructure as 'critical'. Associated Press , 7 January Alouane, Rim-Sarah.

Macron's Fake News Solution is a Problem. Foreign Policy , 29 May Aufderheide, Patricia.

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Conference report. National leadership conference on media literacy. Washington, DC: Aspen Institute. Banas, John A. Human Communication Research , Vol. Banks, William. Texas Law Review , Vol 95 7 , Duqu, Flame, Gauss: Followers of Stuxnet. RSA Conference Europe Berger, J.

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The Atlantic , 16 June Beyer, Jessica L. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication , Vol. Brewster, Thomas. Business Ghana. Compton, Joshua and Michael Pfau. Annals of International Communication Association , Vol. Conway, Maura. First Monday 7 11 , Cook, John.

Inoculation theory: Using misinformation to fight misinformation.

The Conversation , 14 May Neutralizing misinformation through inoculation: Exposing misleading argumentation techniques reduces their influence. Daniels, Gilda R. Voter Deception. Indiana Law Review , Vol.

Michael, Thad E. Hall, and Susan D. Introduction: Studying Election Fraud. In Alvarez, R.

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Hyde eds. Brookings Series on Election Administration and Reform. Brookings Institution Press. Denning, Dorothy E. In John Arquilla and Dadvid F. Ronfeldt eds.

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House of Representatives. The Rise of Hacktivism. Georgetown Journal of International Affairs , 8 September Der Derian, James. Fidler, David P.


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Funke, Daniel A guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world. Poynter , 25 September Declaration on Responsible States Behavior in Cyberspace. Gathright, Jenny. NPR , 19 May Gill, Terry D. Non-Intervention in the Cyber Context. In Katharina Ziolkowski ed. Goodin, Dan. The Register , 9 April Gordon, Sarah and Richard Ford. Graham, Chris. Cyber attack hits German train stations as hackers target Deutsche Bahn. Telegraph , 13 May It's not clear what happened subsequently as the video coverage did not include that part, although the video coverage available along with photographic evidence suggests that the Kentucky players remained on their bench waiting for the awards ceremony, in which both the Texas Western and Kentucky teams were award a trophy, so there could have been additional opportunities for congratulations.

If Shed and other Texas Western players want to claim that Rupp or the Kentucky players refused to shake hands, they should probably be more specific as to exactly when and how this is supposed to have occurred, or even that the Texas Western players themselves made an effort to shake hands, which they failed to do immediately after the game was completed. BTW, a similar claim has sometimes been made that Rupp didn't visit the winner's lockerroom to offer congratulations.

A Bad Game for Amateurs: A Wiley Poynter Mystery

While it is generally customary for opposing teams and coaches to shake hands after a game something based on the video evidence only Rupp was actually attempting to do after the gaem , I don't know if it is customary or even expected for the teams to greet each other in the winner locker room after the game. I know it's happened before but I doubt that it is expected. Regardless, it has been reported that some of the Kentucky players went to the Texas Westen locker room to congratulate the winning team.

Said Vecsey in a column, "Some people swear Rupp was furious about losing to a team from the border. I only remember an old gent in a brown suit working the Texas Western clubhouse afterward, shaking hands and putting his arm around sweaty kids and telling them they played a fine game. Vecsey writes, "Even the losing coaches leave memories.