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I've been trying to find this one book I read years ago and can't remember the title or the author. It's an older book published back in the 80's or 90's I believe. It's fiction and the story was dated back in the 's. It was about a young girl who was traveling with her father, who ended up dying along the way and she contacted of very old friend of his so he went to go have her live with him.

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His son was bitter and hateful towards them. Then the night when he came to visit and met the young girl Bianca was found dead and they blamed the murder on him so he left. Then the war happened and his father died and he found out the young girl had married his father and he was angry because the plantation that was his mother's had been willed to the girls future children so he marries her himself to find that she was still a virgin while being married to his father.

They travel along with Biancas sister and her husband to his mother's plantation and throughout the story someone tries to murder him and finds out Biancas sister was having an affair and her husband was trying to kill the son because he wanted to marry the girl to get the plantation.

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If anyone knows what this book please let me know! I'm going crazy trying to find it but have no luck so far! Help me find this book Submitted by Steph not verified on June 6, - pm. I can't remember much about the book.

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It might have been YA or NA paranormal. Basically all I can recall is the female protagonist falls in love with a guy from another and eventually his brother too but there is no fighting. She meets his brother while she is up in a tree and he's the only who can convince her to come down. Also the original brother ends up dying in a battle. Those are all the things I can recall from the book, i think the cover might have been green but I'm not sure. It drives me mad that I can't remember what the book is called.

I think your book might be Help me find the book Submitted by Kaleb not verified on June 6, - pm. I need help finding book. It is about a teenager and all the power goes out in the world and his car is the only one that starts and the girl he liked for years is going to rise home with her boyfriend when his car doesn't start so he gives her a ride home and that when they start to build a civilization because they realize that the power will be out longer than the originally though.

It goes through them attacking and defending other civilizations. The cover on the book is really tall grass with a burned cat. The kids father is a pilot and the power went out as he was on a trip to Chicago and he is stuck their. His mom is the chief and the local police station. And the neighbor knows alot about things which leads. Them into questioning what he did before the crisis and before he retired. The kid his mom the neighbor and the girls h3 likes which they end up getting to get her are the "owners of the civilization".

The Rule Of Three by Eric Walters — I just read the back of this one this morning, was startled when your description actually seemed familiar!

Please help me find thus book Submitted by S not verified on June 6, - pm. I am looking for a book that I read when I was younger. I remember it was about a girl who was forced out of her nice lifestyle and put on a ship to explore or look for treasure. It may have had adventure or treasure in the title. I remember the cover very well. It was cream or light brown. It had the girls face on it looking out to the distance. It had a ship in the background and I think it also had a picture of a compass on the cover too.

If you happen to know what book I am talking about I would be very greatfil. Could it be 'The true Submitted by Himbuk not verified on June 10, - pm. Could it be 'The true confessions of Charlotte Doyle'? Fiction book Submitted by Ash not verified on June 9, - pm.


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Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan! Book about a girl called Sally Submitted by Himbuk not verified on June 10, - pm. Hi, looking for a book I read in kindergarten 40 years ago about a girl I recall was called Sally I guess , with a dark bob cut and a lot of pink colour around. It was a picture book I suppose.

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Any help would be appreciated! This book? Hi, another one. So, there is a foreign doctor Indonesian perhaps called Sonarjo 'Sonny' in a US town and he is generally shunned, but a local girl falls in love with him.

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Was a rather thin book written in young adult fiction style. Any clues anyone? I am trying to remember Submitted by Kia not verified on June 11, - am. I am trying to remember a book. I can not remember the title, cover or authors name. In the book this woman is married but ends up divorcing her husband.

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She then meet a man over the phone while at work. The man and woman start a relationship. Something happens, then they breakup. She ends up pregnant. They decide to get back together at the end of the book.

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But on the way to the air port the woman's brothers abduct him. The man misses the flight. The end of the book the woman is in Africa on her was to her grandmother's, when she goes into labor. I do know that the second book would have had the title along the lines of See what had happen was. Also the first book would had been published or earlier, Please help me find this book. I have been searching the internet for years.

A Mz Biggs book Submitted by C. It sounds like one written by Mz Biggs. I'm not sure which one it might be, but perhaps you'll have more luck narrowing your search when in possession of the author's name? Assuming this is the right author.