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That's kinda like having 'parallel spacetimes', one with positive and one with negative masses, which can still interact gravitationally. In these models, like masses attract and opposite masses repel… and you don't get the crazy 'runaway motion' that occurs if you put both positive and negative masses in the same spacetime. So no perpetual motion machines… It can also be used to explain dark energy and dark matter.

An example is the Janus model of Jean-Pierre Petit. This is a much more sophisticated model than the one by Jamie Farnes. It is however just as speculative. Modern Physics Letters A. The members share their work at the International meetings on variational theory , a workshop originally created by Jean-Marie Souriau in See the CITV web page on his official website.

August Bigravity as an interpretation of the cosmic acceleration.

International Meeting on Variational Techniques. Le Mont-Dore France. Bibcode : arXiv Positive and negative gravitational lensings. Bigravity: a bimetric model of the Universe with variable constants, including VSL variable speed of light. Collected Scientific Works. Marcel Dekker. Il Nuovo Cimento B. Bibcode : NCimB. Progress in Physics. Reviews of Modern Physics. Bibcode : GReGr..

April The Quantum Theory of Field. Cambridge University Press. A mechanistic description of elementary particles: Inversions of space and time" PDF. Structure of Dynamical Systems. Progress in Mathematics.

Jean-Pierre Petit

Twin matter against dark matter PDF. Where's the Matter? Marseille, France. II- The twin universe model: a solution to the problem of negative energy particles. III- The twin universe model plus electric charges and matter-antimatter symmetry". Journal of Physics Communications. Advanced Propulsion Workshop. Pour la Science in French 15 : 34— Mathematical Modelling.

Topo the World PDF. Le Parisien in French. Retrieved 13 May Three theories were presented there […] The first one, by J.

By Petit, Jean-Pierre in French. Albin Michel. By Petit, Jean-Pierre. Pluriel paperback in French. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. President Donald Trump reviews an honor guard during a ceremonial welcome in the garden of Buckingham Palace in London. Four people were injured in the smash, Venice port authorities reported.

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A Palestinian girl cool off by water to beat the scorching heat, as others pray outside the Dome of the Rock at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem during the last Friday prayers of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan,31 May Muslims around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan by praying during the night time and abstaining from eating, drinking, and sexual acts daily between sunrise and sunset.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and it is believed that the Koran's first verse was revealed during its last 10 nights. Serena Williams in action during her second round match against Japan's Kurumi Nara. The time grand slam winner went through to the next round , Scott Morrison announced his new ministry on Sunday 26 May, following his victory in the May 18 Federal election. The new Cabinet features a record number of women with seven taking on senior roles, including Bridget McKenzie as the first female Agriculture Minister.

Ken Wyatt is the first indigenous person to be appointed the Indigenous Affairs Minister. People look on as they examine the damaged remains of school in Dayton, Ohio, after powerful tornadoes ripped through the US state overnight, causing at least one fatality and widespread damage and power outages. Former Italian PM and leader of the right-wing party Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi looks at photographers as he casts his vote at a polling station in Milan.

A paramilitary soldier stands guard in front of closed shops during restrictions in downtown area of Srinagar. Pope Francis gestures as he participates alongside thousands of soccer-mad children in a project to promote the values of sport and soccer, at the Vatican. The Lok Sabha, the lower house of Parliament, elections, began on 11 April and held for of the lower house seats. A party or alliance needs seats to form a government.

Palestinian children help their father sort through arugula produce before he heads to sell it at a market, in an impoverished area in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. Indonesia's Incumbent President from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle PDIP Joko Widodo takes a selfie with local residents after his victory speech following the announcement of the election results at a slum area in Jakarta.

Joko Widodo was re-elected after beating his rival, retired General Prabowo Subianto. President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky holding an ancient Bulava historical symbol of the state power during his inauguration in the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev.

News — Curtis Brown

Mr Zelensky with 73,22 percent of the votes beat out the current president Petro Poroshenko, who received 24,45 percent of the votes during the second tour of presidential elections in Ukraine which was held on 21 April. Sudanese protesters gather for a sit-in outside the military headquarters in Khartoum.

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Talks between Sudan's ruling military council and protesters are set to resume, army rulers announced, as Islamic movements rallied for the inclusion of sharia in the country's roadmap. Taiwan became first state in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage. Thousands of gay rights supporters gathered outside parliament in Taipei during the debate. In springtime, Hong Kong is affected by alternate cold and warm air. As cold air from the north recedes, warm and humid air comes in from the sea and as the water near the coast is still rather cold, the warm and humid air may be cooled sufficiently by the underlying cold water.

An Indian worker packs mangos for sale at a wholesale fruit market in Jammu, the winter capital of Kashmir. Mango is regarded as the national fruit of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines. India is one of the leading producers of tropical and subtropical fruits in the world and is said to be the world's largest mango producer. A nurse carries a newborn baby after a fire broke out on the terrace of a children's hospital building in Ahmedabad, India.

Members of the action group Extinction Rebellion hold banners in front of the Eiffel Tower after spilling fake blood on the Trocadero esplanade during a demonstration to alert on the state of decline of biodiversity, in Paris. Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse. An armed police officer greets members of the Muslim community in front of Al Noor mosque as they arrive for the iftar, the evening meal, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Muslims around the world are observing the holiest month of Ramadan, fasting from sunrise to sunset for a month. Ramadan this year will be slightly sombre for New Zealand Muslims - especially those in Christchurch - in the wake of the mosque terror attacks where 51 people died after a gunman opened fire during Friday prayers at Linwood and Al Noor Mosques on March Muslims perform prayers on a road outside a mosque on the first Friday of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Srinagar.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel greets people after posing for a family photo during the informal meeting of European Union leaders in Sibiu, Romania. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists. I would like to receive morning headlines Monday - Friday plus breaking news alerts by email. It was an instant success and, with the money from the film rights, she was able to leave paid employment in and return to full-time writing Jennifer Ellison, Rooms of their Own , Penguin, Ringwood, , p.

In February , Lord spoke at a fundraising event for the far-right Q Society of Australia , where she claimed that there was a "war" going on between Islam and the West, and that the Muslims were "better prepared than we are".