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Bachelor Thesis, University of Bayreuth. Fascella , G. Evaluation of biochar as growing substrate for ornamental plants. Fischer , D. Synergisms between compost and biochar for sustainable soil amelioration. In: Sunil , K. Management of Organic Waste. Rijeka, Croatia : In Tech , pp. Fuchs , J. Germer , J.

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Study area

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Sampling and Sample Preparation

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Major , J. Biochar effects on nutrient leaching. Mnkeni , P. Evaluation of human urine as a source of nutrients for selected vegetables and maize under tunnel house conditions in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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Reducing nitrogen loss during poultry litter composting using biochar. Journal of Environmental Quality , 39 , pp. Biochar as bulking agent for poultry litter composting. Carbon Management , 2 , pp. Thomas , S.

Biochar mitigates negative effects of salt additions on two herbaceous plant species. Journal of Environmental Management , , pp. Tian , Y. Biochar made from green waste as peat substitute in growth media for Calathea rotundifola cv. Because tree species composition of a forest is more likely to be influenced by human activities, we analyzed the ground vegetation composition. It has been demonstrated that ground vegetation can serve as an indicator of site conditions [25].

Furthermore, ground vegetation has been shown to be particularly useful in identifying the ecotones induced by drought [76] , [34] , []. The area is characterized by three mountain ranges Kokalia, Kokkinias and North Vardousia reaching m a. Coordinate reference system: WGS The most abundant forest type in the region is the montane Greek fir coniferous forest, which covers Although the fir forest attains its optimum distribution in the supra-mediterranean zone m a. In the montane-mediterranean zone m a.