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Renault had said it has seen no evidence of financial misconduct by Mr. Ghosn, but the carmaker was eager to resolve weeks of strained relations with Nissan and Mitsubishi. Ghosn signed the letter of resignation, ending a nearly year career, from his jail cell. The bail decision has spurred outrage. In an interview, Mr. About a quarter of defendants in Japan were released on bail before trial in , according to the latest data from the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

Among those who assert their innocence, the bail rate fell; one in about 13 defendants was granted bail.

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Ghosn appeared in court, the judge told the millionaire that he was being held because he was a flight risk and might conceal evidence. Greg Kelly, Mr. In the United States, suspects who are not charged within 48 hours must be released. Telfeyan said.

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A notable exception in the United States — and a criticism — is that there is an income disparity in its justice system. The Madoff arrest in is an example: Wealthy defendants have the means to avoid detention. Low-income defendants often face a fate similar to Mr. According to data from the Prison Policy Initiative , last year about , people sat in jail on any given day in the United States, simply because they could not afford bail.

And in France, where suspects are generally held in jail for a maximum of two days after being charged, suspects — particularly foreigners — can be kept in custody if judges rule there is a risk they could flee the country. In some cases, people have been detained up to 12 months.

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They are, for all practical purposes, seeking confessions. Close to 90 percent of suspects who are indicted do confess, according to Bar Association data. If they confess, they are more likely to be granted bail. Takano said. Japanese courts tend to interpret the notion of evidence tampering broadly. In Mr.

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On Monday, Nissan confirmed that it had received an inquiry, after the arrest of Mr. Ghosn, from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Nissan would not elaborate but said it was cooperating fully.

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