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Doi: View on booksandjournals. Among the many Among the many criticisms that were voiced, one remains particularly steadfast: while the spirit of self-restraint might be germane to capitalist entrepreneurship, an economy does not run on entrepreneurs alone; it also needs consumers willing to buy more than what covers their needs. Following Benjamin, capitalism is a religion without dogma or theology, but with a pure cult consisting of the ongoing celebra-tion of the believer so as to actualise his faith through consumption.

As the paper argues, placing two moments of crisis in parallel, i. Differences in Becoming. Gilbert Simondon and Gilles Deleuze on Individuation more. For a long time, Gilbert Simondon's work was known only as either a philosophy restricted to the problem of technology or as an inspirational source for Gilles Deleuze's philosophy of difference.

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As Simondon's thinking is now finally in As Simondon's thinking is now finally in the process of being recognized in its own right as one of the most original philosophies of 20 th century, this also entails that some critical work needs to be done to disentangle it from an all too hasty identification with or even subsumption under Deleuzian categories. While both Simondon and Deleuze have made crucial contributions towards a theory of differential individuation that significantly diverges from other authors associated with French poststructuralism insofar as they insist on the dynamic and vital dimension of difference, they also differ on crucial points.

Whereas Simondon sees the process of becoming as transductive amplification, and Deleuze theorizes it as intensifying involution, leading to two notably distinct concepts of difference. View on rivistapolemos. Belated Witnessing in the Photographs of the Armenian Catastrophe more.

The article focuses on the role of photographic images played in remembrance of the Armenian genocide. It shall be shown how the few pictures that were taken by witnesses of the deportations had an afterlife of their own, being reframed It shall be shown how the few pictures that were taken by witnesses of the deportations had an afterlife of their own, being reframed and receiving specific interpretations. In particular, the paper will discuss the case of Armin T.

View on muse. Iconic Turn. A Plea for Three Turns of the Screw more. Could Perspective Ever be a Symbolic Form? Revisiting Panofsky with Cassirer more.


Strangely enough, however, almost nothing has been written about the philosophical claim implicit in the title, i. While revisiting Panofsky with Cassirer unearths the wide-raging philosophical implication of the essay, revisiting Cassirer with Panofsky means to highlight the fundamentally perspectival nature of all symbolic forms. Simondon et les images more. View on cairn. In recent years, the claim of the unrepresentability of the Shoah has stirred vivid debates, especially following the strong positions taken by the French filmmaker Claude Lanzmann and author of Shoah This claim of This essay analyzes the argumentative structure of the advocates of the unrepresentability and shows why the often made connection to Kant is flawed.

View on jstor. The structuralist generation claimed to recapture the dimension of objectivity and impersonality, which the previous generation was supposedly incapable of.

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By identifying the tension between archaeology and teleology as the basic problem of Husserlian phenomenology, Merleau-Ponty and Derrida each disclose the fundamental importance of history and of writing. View on pdcnet. Re flexiones del cuerpo. Publication Date: Publication Name: Eidos. Revista de filosofia View on rcientificas. The Diacritical Nature of Meaning.

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Merleau-Ponty with Saussure more. Publication Name: Chiasmi International. No myth without narration, no implementation without an instrumentation, no organic unity without a political organ voicing its claim, in short: no organicity without an organon. Mannheim essentially sees a utopian mentality as being directed to the changing of society.

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Subsequent references to the novel will be given parenthetically in the text and refer to this edition. Contents - Previous document - Next document. Utopie s et territoire s. Outline Introduction. Full text PDF Send by e-mail. Subsequent references to the novel will be given parenthetically in the text and refe Top of page. About the author Michael White University of St. Andrews Top of page. Browse Index Authors Keywords. By way of conclusion, I offer a broader characterisation of the novel's chronotopical strategy of emplotment while at the same time sketching its place within a hitherto unacknowledged tradition in European literary history of actively engaging with movement control as one of the defining institutions of modernity.

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