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See here for a rebuttal of those criticisms. It's like when you see astronauts and it appears that they are floating in space they are not floating they are falling and everything in space is continually falling including the earth.

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Like an orbiting spacecraft moves at the right speed so the curve of its fall matches the curve of Earth. Because of this, the spacecraft keeps falling toward the ground but never hits it. As a result, they fall around the planet.

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The moon stays in orbit around Earth for this same reason. The moon also is falling around Earth. The spacecraft, its crew and any objects aboard are all falling toward but around Earth. Since they are all falling together, the crew and objects appear to float when compared with the spacecraft. And this doesn't look like falling. Everything everywhere is falling.. I believe this shows how people become fixated on the reward and let it cloud their judgement to the point where the only result they will accept is one that favors them.

Insights on death anxiety from existential psychotherapist Irvin Yalom.

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A reflection on the concept of "implicit bias. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine.

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A lovely illustrated serenade to a world strewn with “lines making patterns of beauty.”

All comments. Replies to my comment. Leave this field blank. Osterhout Design Group offers their R-7 smart glass users the TeamViewer QuickSupport app to enable easy remote connections for real-time support. Technicians can see what the R-7 wearers see, allowing for quick guidance in the field, administration and support—even in the toughest, grittiest environments.

http://alexacmobil.com/components/pywibyne/gaq-recuperare-sms.php NASA uses smart glasses to facilitate better communication with astronauts in space. Astronauts wear smart glasses and connect to engineers and technicians here on Earth to monitor and repair complicated shuttle equipment remotely. The astronaut wearing the glasses simply follows instructions provided to get things operating as they should. No need for pages of instructions or months of mechanical training before launch, saving significant time and money. International Workers' Day is celebrated around the world.

Learn how remote connectivity makes life easier for the global workforce. Discover four of the main ways that enterprise-level remote tech support can further increase efficiencies within your large organization. Smart glasses bring clarity to remote maintenance June 12, Archived , Productivity.

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