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Card Games. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! This indicates that he is the true leader of the Lightsworn, as he has tamed their mightiest beast. Paladin of White Dragon is also depicted this way. Magic: The Gathering has the Kargan Dragonlord , which uses the level up mechanic to start out as some random guy, who then gets a small dragon, then either upgrades or raises it to be a giant firebreathing one. Comic Books. Hawkman has a Nazi villain called "White Dragon" who has this as his only superpower. Colossus of the X-Men once pulled this off, in order to provide Cyclops and Wolverine with a flying rescue.

How did he obtain a dragon? Well, he waited until it attacked him Kitty Pryde also has a pet alien dragon named Lockheed that occasionally has the ability to grow large enough to carry her and the other X-men. Black Moon Chronicles : Dragon riders show up as mercenary forces on occasion. At the end of the series, the dragons wake up, recall that the pact was to last until the end of the world The Emperor also has a huge dragon, but it's never seen to talk. Elfes et Nains : Some of the series' protagonist manage to bond with a dragon and ride them in combat.

For instance Fall, protagonist of Volume 3, rides a great white dragon. Meanwhile in Volume 20, Gaw'Yn the Dark Elf has bonded ans asserted his dominance over a whole flock of dragons. In With Strings Attached , George twice turns into a red dragon so he can fly several people to some inconvenient place. Anonymoose's Monster Girl Saga has the dragoons of Domdracveria, who ride wyverns. Wyverns, like all other monsters in the setting, have been transformed into Cute Monster Girls , so the dragoons also marry their mounts.

The wyverns can temporarily revert to their original monstrous forms to allow dragoons to ride them. Films — Animation. How to Train Your Dragon is about a young boy who finds a injured dragon and befriends it. There's quite a bit of dragon-riding in the process. Toothless needs a rider to operate the stabilizer prosthetic which lets him fly. He's something like a draconic version of a proto-human: he demonstrates extremely high levels of 'people smarts', eventually comes to understand Hiccup's speech to a great extent, and is capable of abstract reasoning and problem-solving - when the other dragons were battling the Vikings, Toothless was attacking the catapults.

By the third film, he's reached the point where he's able to recognize and eventually create artistic depictions of himself and others. In Shrek Donkey accidentally romances a female dragon, then she escapes from the castle and provides him and Shrek speedy transportation to Duloc.

Taarna from Heavy Metal is a variant—she rides on the back of a loyal, draconic bird throughout her segment in the film, but it's not clear if the thing is supposed to be a dragon, an alien or what. Films — Live-Action. Mecha-King Ghidorah from Godzilla vs. Of course, he is a giant, three-headed, mutated, cyborg dragon. Avatar 's four-winged pterosaur-things are powerful hunting mounts, and may bond to a single Na'vi for life, after you fight them.

The common flying mounts in Avatar are the ikran , or banshees.

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Bonding with one is seen as a rite of passage, and we see many Na'vi ride them there are implications that most, if not all Na'vi have a banshee partner. The grand-daddy of all of Avatar 's winged beasts in the aptly named Great Leonopteryx to humans, and Toruk to the Na'vi, which translates to "Last Shadow".

Riding this creature who looks even more dragon-like than the banshees requires such badassery that Na'vi history records only six examples of someone doing it. The previous Toruk Makto united the disparate Na'vi tribes at a time of great need. This becomes a main plot point towards the end of the movie.

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Seems we're avoiding the mention of Eragon as a matter of not really wanting yet another movie of it. In the film The Railway Dragon , Emily occasionally sits on the dragon's tail when he is standing or walking. It is not until leaving the Dragon's celebrations that she convinces him to let her ride on his back, which she loves and indeed the dragon who hasn't flown in years enjoys it as well.

In the sequel The Birthday Dragon , Emily rides on the dragon's back twice; first to the zoo to return all the animals the dragon brought her as a birthday present, and the second time for fun on the way back to the Dragon's home in the railway tunnel, as she and the dragon are now good friends which is proved when the dragon catches her after she falls off his back during the flight.

Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith counts as this when he rides Boga, a varactyl while deployed to Utapau. Unfortunately, she falls with Obi-Wan when Order 66 occurs, but she survives the fall, according to the expanded material. In Hellboy , Hellboy has a vision of himself riding a chained dragon. The Valheru in Raymond E. Feist 's Riftwar series are a race of Proud Warrior Guys. They are more commonly known as Dragon Lords for taming and riding dragons, across space, to wage war and plunder empires of other worlds. Daine in Tamora Pierce 's The Immortals series does this once, but the dragons who allow her to ride them are looked down upon by the Dragonmeet.

They have a debt to repay her. In general, the dragons are far more educated and powerful than humans , and are happy to show it off. Dragons in the Trope Codifier Dragonriders of Pern form a personal, psychic bond with their riders whom they choose when they hatch and commit suicide without exception when their riders die although a nesting Queen will remain alive until the day her eggs hatch.

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This goes the other way to a slightly lesser extent- it's considered a rare exception when a rider survives losing his dragon, and most of the ones that do end up committing suicide anyway. Those that don't end up an Empty Shell , even if they do find something else to live for. Justified better than most other examples in that the dragons were genetically engineered specifically for that purpose.

The colonists needed something to incinerate the Thread before it reached the ground and ate everything organic. It went something like this: "oh shit, this stuff will eat everything if we let it land on our homesteads, we don't know when it will stop falling, and the technology we have been using to fight it is falling apart because we thought we would have a lot more time to build up the technology base necessary to replenish it; time to engineer ourselves a self-replenishing fighting force from the indigenous fire-breathing lifeforms that have already shown that they can and will defend our homes.

Haik : "The old days were when the dragons still lived, the crocodile's ancestors. They carried us across the water, so we did not need ships.

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Live-Action TV. Game of Thrones : The Valyrians including the Targaryens built a massive empire by becoming this. Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys unified six of the Seven Kingdoms by using their dragons to melt the castle of Harrenhal, burn 4, men at the Field of Fire, and offer little King Ronnel Arryn a dragonback ride. They inherited this from the former Valyrian Freehold where their family originated from. Aegon's personal dragon was Balerion "the Black Dread", the biggest dragon ever known.

He forged the Iron Throne by melting down the swords of Aegon's enemies.

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In the books, Balerion's wingspan is said to have been so wide that entire towns fell under his shadow when he passed over. Queen Visenya Targaryen rode Vhagar, the smallest of the original three Targaryen dragons. But, according to a history Davos reads, Vhagar was still large enough to swallow a horse whole. Daenerys obviously aspires to be this when her dragons are grown.

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Like her ancestor Aegon the Conqueror, she will also need two other riders to get the full benefit of her three dragons. This becomes more problematic than she anticipated. The larger her dragons grow, the more difficult they are to keep under control. In the episode "The Dance Of Dragons", she finally takes flight upon Drogon and becomes the first dragon rider in over a century.

After being reunited with Drogon in Season 6, she's taken to using him as her primary mount, even riding him into combat to destroy the Masters' fleet besieging Meereen. The Night King becomes one after he kills Viserion and raises him as a wight. Jon Snow is able to ride Rhaegal. King Maegor Targaryen rode his father's dragon Balerion. Prince Daemon Targaryen rode Caraxes. Kamen Rider : Kamen Rider Ryuki provides an interesting example. The title character has a Chinese-style dragon as a Contract Beast and can summon it to perform either of his two finishing moves known as Final Vents, one for his normal form, and another for his Survive form.

However, the Rider usually refers to riding motorcycles, which is why, for Survive's Final Vent, the dragon transforms into a motorcycle, lets Ryuki hop on and spits fireballs at the enemies before ramming them. Well, doesn't use it onscreen, at least, though what the Survive forms of all 13 Riders look like are All There in the Manual. Kamen Rider Wizard has his own Western-style dragon that he can summon. The catch is that he needs to combine his motorcycle with it as a Restraining Bolt and ride it that way; otherwise it'll be at least as destructive as whatever he's trying to fight.

Merlin in the show of the same name learns that he's a Dragon Lord at the end of season two and thus can command the Great Dragon. Morgana can also command the dragons, though Aithusa's condition by the time she's large enough to ride means there's no riding her. Its mounts are an assault platform made by the other four Rangers' mecha and the Sixth Ranger 's white tiger mecha.

Tabletop Games. Dragonlance , which partially justifies it by making most dragonriders warlords - the dragon is there precisely to show how awesome the general is to the troops and the enemy. From a tactical perspective it is useful too - what general would not give his eyeteeth for an aerial view of the battle and the ability to get to trouble spots quickly? Plus, the Greater Dragonlances can be used only on dragonback, and are the only weapons that can instantly kill a dragon. They won the Dragon Wars all by themselves. Plus , what general wouldn't want to ride a giant dragon that scares the crap out of any enemy troops?

There's a constant threat of a giant flying reptile of mass destruction pouncing on you and ending your life! He holds on by the hair on the back, and has a sword drawn, ready to fly into battle. The tail that folds up over the body, perfectly placed to skewer any would-be rider. Played straight with the fact that silver dragons and paladins are noted to get along fairly well together. Also partly avoids the redundancy part, as a dragon with an angry high-level paladin on its back is going to out-damage pretty much anything else that can take to the sky.

Dragons, you see, are intelligent, strong, fast, tough warriors Paladins have touch-range healing spells The githyanki are noted to have an old pact with red dragons, who will occasionally deign to take them on as riders.

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How could one possibly augment the red dragon's general badassitude already? By adding Psychic Powers , that's how.

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