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She found a new purpose in her old home.

Join our mailing list! Illustrated by Barry Root. Enhanced eBook. Yet there's affection in the voice of Mike Walczewski, the Garden's P. But the way he walks to the center circle for the tip-off, pausing halfway there to paw at the floor with his shoes like some ready-to-strike animal, hints at what is to come.

Much as he had done throughout the early '90s, Jordan picked on Knicks guard John Starks all night long. The request unburdens the conscience, leaving you free to let fly. So I said, 'Go for it. The first option of the Bulls' basic triangle set comes off the fast break.

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The team's most potent offensive threat nestles into the low post, hoping to get the ball there and make a move before the defense can entirely establish itself. Jordan's second shot comes after he has set up as the post-up sprinter, and the Knicks are called for an illegal defense. He takes the subsequent inbounds pass and shows John Starks, who's attempting to guard him, a little mambo with the ball and a left-to-right rock before leaping up to shoot and score.

During the first quarter he'll do this again and again, having his way with the 6'5" Starks. The next time he spins in the same direction, only to fall back and unspool another perfect jumper. Starks, with no recourse now, is whistled for a hold. As if to highlight the defensive quandary they're in, the Knicks are cited for their second illegal defense violation five minutes into the game. It's as if he's a basketball camper doing station drills, and the Knicks scarcely exist.

Here, finally, New York decides to dispatch some help to Starks. In spite of this momentary success, the Knicks call off the double team. And there's no team in basketball more adept than the Bulls at swinging the ball out of a double team and into the hands of an open shooter. One time he seems to bring his right knee up, in a sort of mummer's strut, as he rises into his shot 15 points now. But he had the whole evening in the palm of his hand. Sometimes the game just seems to gravitate into his grasp.

At one point the Knicks throw a new jersey at him, 6'8" forward Anthony Bonner.

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Then he bottoms out a three-pointer, only the second of 11 attempted treys to this point in his comeback 20 points. So many celebrities are in the Garden that if the Oscars hadn't taken place in Los Angeles the night before, the whole country might be listing alarmingly to starboard. The usual potted plants, Knick regulars Woody Allen and Spike Lee, are rustling their leaves courtside. And tonight the stars seem to come in pairs. Phil and Marlo.

Connie and Maury. Lawrence Taylor and fellow pro wrestler Diesel. Even pairs that should be together: Itzhak Perlman, recording artist, and Earl the Pearl Monroe, now a recording executive. In spite of having its own financial market and international flights to 65 cities, Chicago has a woeful dearth of celebrities.

Joe Mantegna and Oprah can only take a town so far. Chicago is so star-poor that, months later on Monday Night Football, a Bear fan diving 30 feet from the stands in pursuit of an extra point will end up with the same agent as Jim McMahon. Thus the city must get all it can out of its single world-class celeb. Fifteen of the Bulls' 19 points this quarter will be his: his 28th and 29th of the game on his staple, the simple fallaway over Starks; his 30th and 31st after jabbing with each shoulder, then spinning into another fallaway that beats a dying shot clock.

In a glimpse of foreshadowing, up for a jumper near the end of the half, he passes up the shot, pitching instead to a 7-foot teammate, end-of-the-bencher Bill Wennington, who pitches it right back. Jordan's tongue comes out often as he makes these moves, of course. But at one point he flashes a trace of a smile. His mirth is evidently contagious; later in the game Starks will head downcourt unable to suppress a laugh at the ridiculousness of what he has become a victim of.

A Garden basketball crowd is famous for its ability to make the syllables of the word defense sound like invective. Going back nearly four decades New Yorkers have been quick to root for the home team, but they've also been appreciative of the great opponent. The Knicks sucked rotten eggs during the early s, but the undercard of an NBA doubleheader back then might have featured the Boston Celtics or the Philadelphia Warriors , and fans would fill the old Garden for a 6 p. From power forward Charles Oakley, the team's enforcer and an ex-Bull who adores his former teammate, to Starks and that laugh he'll let slip, the entire Knick family seems to have a streak of the fan in it.

Forty-seven, 48 and 49 come on another trey. The Bulls' Steve Kerr may be the best three-point shooter in the league. The reaction of players like Kerr worries Jackson. Jackson's membership on the Knick title team, a squad founded on balanced scoring and a commitment to finding the open man, established his bona fides as he made that sale. Yet now Jackson wondered if he would have to make both pitches all over again. Armstrong, who as a rookie had actually checked out a library book on Einstein and Mozart, hoping they would give him insight into genius and make him a more sympathetic teammate to the great one.

Now they have proved they can prosper without him at all. Ewing's two free throws reknot things at with 39 seconds left on the clock. From their first breath, babies begin learning. They are constantly taking in information about the world around them and using it to make sense of their world.

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At some point in their younger years, some form of formal learning usually takes place whether it be preschool, Sunday school, swimming lessons, art classes, or sports. They then continue with formal education homeschool, public school or private school until about the time they become legal adults. Some choose to continue their formal education by going to university or college or technical or vocational school. Others take evening courses or attend seminars. Studies of neuroplasticity in the brain tell us that the brain is continuing to form and develop throughout our lives and can change even in middle or old age.

Your brain actually undergoes physical changes whenever something new is learned or memorized. Recent studies suggest that learning a second language, even as an adult, could delay the onset of dementia by several years. It used to be thought that decline of brain function with age was just a given, but it is now known that a lifetime of intellectual stimulus seems to combat the decline and protect the brain from the usual effects of aging. It is never too old to learn a new skill or to further your education.


There are many ways you can keep your brain sharp and continue to expand your knowledge. Just last week, I was able to listen to an online summit on Educating Traumatized Children.

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Although I have put my official pursuit of formal education on hold, I have continued to learn about topics that I am passionate about. I love learning and when there is a topic that I want to learn more about, I devour books on the subject, attend any seminars or courses I can find in my area, talk to others who are further along in their studies on the issue than I am, and find information online through websites and podcasts.


Learning enriches my life and hopefully makes me somewhat more interesting. My father-in-law who is in his 80s is still very quick and still has a very good memory. I still remember the day I first got my ears pierced and I also remember the day when I got them pierced again years later because they had grown in the first time after battling infection after infection.

When it came to my three girls getting their ears pierced, I wanted to be sure to teach them how to care for newly pierced ears so that they could avoid infection and having to have them re-pierced. Unfortunately, two of my girls turned out to be allergic to all but gold earrings so they did get infections and eventually we had to let their earring holes grow in until they were older and then we tried again.

This time, we have stuck to gold earrings with one of them and plastic posts with the other and have not had trouble. Our youngest daughter is able to wear any earrings and still has her original holes. If your child is old enough, when getting ears pierced for the first time, discuss with them beforehand the aftercare that will be required.

You do not want to risk unsanitary equipment or inexperienced staff who get the placement wrong or make things more painful than they need to be for your child. Be sure that the earrings have a gold post which is less likely to cause swelling or infection.