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There are tons of choices now, but when I first bought a set of six styluses is that any better than styli? I happened upon the Friendly Swede, which already had some good reviews, and they've won my loyalty! So don't hesitate to pay an average price, rather than a rock-bottom cheap one. Oh, and I love the microfiber cloth with the "Friendly Swede" logo that comes with each order! These are soft tips that will register on modern phones and tablets, not "hard plastic tipped" stylii from old Palm Pilot days. I bought two sets to make sure I would have plenty I figured they would wear out but the chrome plating on the clip was the only thing that wore off on my daily-user after months of use.

I hope Friendly Swede moves to plain black plastic for the clip, upper ring, and "push button" which is really an extension to allow you to attach one of the included lanyards , but for cosmetic reasons I see why they went with the chrome plating on the plastic to mimic a metal clip Still, I wish the include one or two "non-plated" ones in their generous 6 pack.

The only "all metal" alternative is the Amazon Basics stylus which is much, much more expensive for only one pen, plus the actual stylus tip on the Amazon Basics doesn't work as well for me. I will report back when I receive the courtesy replacement set they promised me. It took a while for the plating to wear off the original one I used, so I will be back here in about months with an update. BTW, an inexpensive set like this is a better investment than the single Amazon Basics - as I write this updated review, I realize that I can't even remember where I last set down the Amazon Basics stylus!

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A Practice Grammar of German (English and German Edition)

Do this product was a four way win They are light weight, not too long but long enough to write comfortably. The colors are pretty and the lanyards are perfect! Buche der Anatomie u. Es ist ein sehr verdienstliches Werk und du hast dir damit einen Denkstein in der Geschichte der Wissenschaft gesetzt.

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Published by Duisburg, About this Item: Duisburg, Spanien nichts findet, hat Ihnen wohl Mommsen gesagt. Kommen Sie denn nicht einmal wieder hierher?

Minix roundleterere.tkarity #4 - Eine unerfreuliches Wiedersehen [German/Deutsch]

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