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Meanwhile, six-year-old Bode Locke tries to puzzle out the secret of the head key, and Uncle Duncan is jarred into the past by a disturbingly familiar face. Open your mind - the head games are just getting started! Every time I copied and pasted it for the contests it went caphlooey.

It was a lot of work adjusting everything. Couldn't even get a facsimile of it on my word processor so I expected the outcome. To bad too, it is a nice poem. No Hards Most excellent translation work.

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I speak a spattering of Spanish but I think should practice more. Quite enjoyed this. Thank you. Anon2 - Sorry if you've already read this. No one else has looked at it. They don't know what they're missing, huh? Anon2 - For being a fantasy, or fiction, it really impressed me when I first read it some years ago. I taught myself to read Spanish and can read practically anything.

Hope you are well. Pryde Foltz - I am doing well. Anon2 - Thanks a lot. I'd read this poem in Spanish a long time ago and thought "one day I'll translate it" as it wasn't too complex. Perhaps that is the way Spanish is spoken in Uruguay. Well, I truly appreciate your input on it. Perhaps there is something you've done that you feel particularly proud of I could give it a look see as well. Please do not hesitate as it would be my pleasure.

They formed what could be defined as the tetralogical tree of the Spanish major art's Poets of South America. They were good friends also. I have enjoyed the reading of a fine poem, for its intriguing theme, and poetic sustainability. Thank You for diffusing this great Poet, and for keeping the light of Poetry on. Anon2 - Hello Andre No need to ask if you read the original as well as I know you speak and read many languages.

I said to myself that, one day, I would write this in English to give him a wider audience as befitting one of South America's finest writers. I hope that I did justice to his poem above. Thanks for you comments.

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I learned a little something myself and that is always good. I have dedicated some time to Spanish literature in general, but with major attention to Poetry. The interlaced translations work for classes on interpreting. This will enable the cerebration to ask for fuel that the translation will provide.

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You have offered a very high quality translation for this posting, and I must congratulate You, and formally suggest that You practice poetic translation, for few translators can translate a poem to make it truly poetic. I wish You a healthy blissed weekend, Poet! Anon2 - Hi Andre, Thanks for your notes on this poem. While I think I did a good job translating, I didn't do a good job at all in laying it out on paper, as it were. I have a bit to learn yet about the word processor.


You are right about interspersing the two languages as I went along. It wreaked havoc with the original's connectedness. Actually I thought that, mostly, English people would be reading it, and would want to know immediately what one word or another meant, and could do so at will. I will remember your suggestions in future and make good use of them.

You are welcomed, Poet. Anon2 - That is what I thought when I first read it too. It was all there, already written. Just needed to translate it. I'm glad you liked it as it was my hope. John-Las Vegas, Nev. Star Labyrinth - Very beautiful. I think the Spanish culture is more in-tune with their emotions and less afraid to admit when they are sad. I have often found in their songs that the recurring theme is that pain is really a sign of great happiness and vice-versa.

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I have also realized in my life that nature will bring out all your emotions and give you the time to process them to the betterment of oneself. Anon2 - Roaring Lion Thanks a lot! I'd forgotten about this.

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I could read this once a month for the rest of my life and not tire of it. Makes you want to wish the two kids luck as they leave the park.

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I think that is the only thing I attempted to translate, word for word. We had a lady on here who translated from different languages. I bought her a year's gold membership as would be befitting. She passed away two years ago. I wish I knew how to get the page presentation better.

Breezy - I almost passed this over because I saw it was in spanish which I do not know and I was afraid it might lose its meaning or beauty in translation. I can only say how thrilled I am that I did not turn away. This was beautiful, absolutely beautiful Anon2 - Thank you Breezy.