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One method is to create a MS Word file and to convert it to a. It is not easy to produce a kindle file from MS Word.

Calibre is pretty powerful; it can convert your MS Word file fairly well. But expect to spend some time testing and previewing your Kindle file.

How to Format Your Book for Amazon Kindle Using Microsoft Word in Only 30 Minutes

It will take a good while to learn how to get it into mobi format or epub format. If you are comfortable with some html, you might try pasting the ebook contents into Sigil Editor. Tip: It can be easier to make an epub file first and then convert it from epub-to-mobi. Adobe Indesign can produce an epub file, as can some other programs. It depends on if you wish to publish it with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. If you want it to be just available as a Kindle format but not dependent on publishing through Amazon, then you have to go through a little bit longer process.

Now you can connect your Kindle to your laptop or computer, navigate to your documents map and copy your.

Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word (Beta)

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You can write. Here are my experiences. MS Word approach I exported the manuscript as. This format worked best for me. I faced serious problems with. Caveat - If you have used Google doc specific embedded drawings then they are likely to get clipped. I had to convert them to pictures using Windows sniping tool and embed them back as an image Caveat - I had lots of problems with equations. They would not align well with oridinary text or with bullets.

Some of the Equation toolbar symbols like the summation did not show up at all. I had to use the "insert symbol" approach Caveat - Table column widths appeared different on Kindle Overall suggestion using MS Word - write a couple of pages on GD which captures some of your complex formatting scenarios, export to DOCX and preview the file on Kindle previewer online. I had to change the font units from pt to em for much improved rendition on Kindle Equations - If your manuscript has mathematical equations then these will be converted to static pictures.

Formatting Your Word Manuscript for Kindle

Hope this helps. Sau Sau 3 3 bronze badges. Unzip this HTML document in your new folder too And then the change of coding begins: In the HTML source is a 'style' element: replace all the 'pt' for the 'font-size' with 'em' values. Add in the meta description: so your name will be displayed in the digital info.

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  • You should also go through the text to add hyperlinks so that the text is easily browsable. In particular, links back to your Web site or blog will help you market yourself as an author or an authority in your field.

    How to format a Word document for Kindle self publishing

    From a Web browser on your computer, access the Digital Text Platform. Click the Sign In button and sign in with your Amazon.

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    Even if you use your regular Amazon. The page shown in the following figure appears; this page is divided into three sections, numbered 1, 2, and 3. In section 1, enter the title, description, and other details about your content.

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    If your content is a book and has a publisher for instance, if you have formed your own publishing company and given it your own name , you should fill out the ISBN and Publisher fields. Some of the features in Section 1 of the form are optional but worth exploring. The section expands to reveal a Browse button and a blank field for the filename of the content you want to publish. Click Browse, locate the book or other file you want to publish, and click Open.

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