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Hey, these were supposed to be pulp! The subsequent, toned-down versions were certainly read — all the boys in my Grade Six class at St. And on it goes. Upon his death, his daughter took over his company. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Skip to content. The P. Calendar Have You Heard the News? Contact Us. Created by Franklin W. Dixon pen name, naming the pseudonym after a few of his relatives. It stands alone as the only novel ever written by wife Amy. One story is that Leslie was away on a fishing trip when the outline came in.

The Chase for the Mystery Twister

Could that be true? Dixon, although the actual authors, when known are listed below. The Crisscross Crime Hardy Boys Content Protection. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. The Alaskan Adventure. Frank and Joe head north to watch a friend race in the Iditarod dogsled race—and find the whole town of Glitter under siege by a firebombing saboteur.

The Search for the Snow Leopard. The hunt is on A rare and beautiful snow leopard, a gift from Princess Salamaji of Rashipah, has disappeared from the Bayport Zoo, and the boys suspect foul play. Their suspicions are confirmed when the Princess herself vanishes Their investigation leads them into a sinister world of jaws and claws, lions and tigers and snakes.

But the most dangerous animal of all is the human kind, and the Hardys are headed straight into an ambush. The only way to save the Princess—and themselves—is to observe the law of the jungle: Beat the hunter at his own game!

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Slam Dunk Sabotage. Did you ever do the art for Nancy Drew or other juvenile series? Other artists from my agency did manage to paint some of her books. Lucky sods. Painting the Hardy Boys books for so long two solid years got me typecast as a children's illustrator. It wasn't that welcome, because in general children's books sell in less quantities than - for instance - romantic novels which I was trying to break into when the Hardy Boys came along , and consequently pay less.

Before the Hardy Boys I'd painted three or four of the "Three Investigators" series for Collins, and afterwards three of a series called "The Outfit" for Scholastic books. The last illustration work I did was for a UK first day cover stamp envelope. These days I mostly paint portraits, on a private basis.

Kenny moved back to Northern Ireland, and is doing very well as a landscape painter. Painted c. The boys aren't tied up, though I don't remember why I positioned them like that. Second one painted.

The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries 2 02 The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula {part2of2}

Taken from a travel guide of Iceland! My agent thought it was "too detailed".

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Third one painted. First one painted by Kenny McKendry.

Armada weren't happy with it, and gave me most of the series, but eventually Kenny's paintings went down much better than mine. Kenny kept his compositions bright and simple, and coped better with the decreasing quality of the photographic reference. One of mine.

Speed Times Five (Hardy Boys (Pb))

I play the part of Jack Wayne! One of the smallest in scale, anything to speed up the process! Blackbeard is my step-father with a beard grafted on! Kenny's second. I think he did it at the same time as the Whale Tattoo. We were given the briefs in batches of three or four, the reasoning being that we could share costs for the photographic sessions and shoot several covers in one go. That's Kenny being carried. The blond Hardy Boy was already becoming hard to arrange photo sessions with. My stepfather's there again. The roof was my neighbour's as viewed from our kitchen window!

One of Kenny's. One of his later ones, a great painting. It went down so well that it was used in our agency's catalogue.

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  • One of mine, from early My agent wanted a change of style For this batch we only had the dark Hardy boy to work with, meaning that no. One of mine, from mid , and one of my last ones. I had a real loss of confidence around this time, caused by the increasing difficulties of putting the pictures together. This painting had to be virtually redone. The boys had grown so much that by now they looked useless, and of course they also felt too old to be hamming it up for the cameras..

    I had to use old reference material. To get my confidence back I went for a huge, spectacular painting. Chet is played by me Painted in early , not one of my favourites! From the 'psychedelic' batch. I'm the bad guy in the background.

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    One of my very last, from late The skeleton was cardboard! The bad guy guess who The background is Death Valley. One of Kenny's, from mid This one went down very well, and was held up as an example of how the series should be painted. One of mine, from mid The bad guy is me, yet again, the idea shows my frustration with the series by this time One of mine, from late , one of my last ones.