Manual I colori della pace (Scaffale aperto) (Italian Edition)

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Cercate in Italia. Brescia per la precisione. E date fuoco ai dischi ridicoli di semi-horror punk che-come me- probabilmente vi siete comprati negli ultimi anni sperando di trovare qualcosa di serio. Imprescindibile per gli amanti del genere. Pur avendo aperto per gruppi come Stranglers, Damned e UK Subs, i bresciani The Mugshots c'entrano ben poco con punk, horror music e dark rock. Tuttavia, nella rete, completamente fuori luogo, abbondano con insistenza inadeguati accostamenti tra loro e i succitati generi.

La circostanza, purtroppo, rischia di generare aspettative che, all'ascolto, verrebbero puntualmente tradite. Tracce di Alice Copper e dei Misfits, invece, sono rinvenibili esclusivamente sul piano estetico e non, come erroneamente indicato nel web, anche dal punto di vista musicale. Il loro make-up ricorda le inquietanti attitudini gotiche tipiche di certi compagini post punk, condite da una certa dose di irriverenza estetica.

Musica rassicurante, ben suonata sebbene non terminale, sublimata da contestualizzazioni visuali che appaiono oltremodo contenute nel disco, ma arrivano ad essere dissacratorie e spettacolarizzate nel sito ufficiale. Attiva da parecchi anni, dopo due album pubblicati "House of the Weirdos" e "Weird Theatre", riuniti anche in un unico CD nel e dopo aver fatto da spalla a gente del calibro di Damned, Stranglers e U. Subs, questa simpatica horror-punk-wave band italiana sforna ora un bell'EP in formato 10" su vinile rosso, accompagnato da una grafica fumettistica ben in linea con la musica.

Nothing new comparised to what already written but you cannot say no to a new Italian release from The Mugshots. Of the four songs on this EP three are original and one is a cover. Another song on the B-side, "An Embalmer's Lullaby", is also definitely oriented in the same direction. Although a little out-of-fashion today, it is obvious that Mickey Evil and his team love to play this today and, in any case, this is something worth to see and hear live.

Cartoon cover and red 10''vinyl for the lucky ones who bought one of printed copies of this EP containing an interesting comic: Mickey wrote the text and Enrico Zanoletti provided the drawings. After launching a full-length, more horror-punk influenced, the Italians bring us now with an 10" EP with four tracks, including their own version of "I Surrender" by The Adverts, this version approved by TV Smith himself. On vinyl - red, grams, beautiful - the Mugshots appear darker than in the past, going over the side of goth punk horror, filling the music with keyboards and withthat kind of spirit similar to the Damned's "Machine Gun Etiquette" times.

One of the best releases of , a band that does very well what they wand and improves with each release. It is not exaggerated to say that they are Italy's coolest band nowadays. Quindi, diversi i nomi da elencare che hanno ispirato i The Mugshots - Misftits, Ramones, The Damned e diversi altri - ma non da meno risulta lunga la lista dei pregi di questo lavoro: intenso, coinvolgente, scostumato al punto giusto, progressivo in alcuni passaggi. E se considerato anche l'immaginario dentro cui si cala la band, posssiamo con azzardo etichettare "In Disguise" come una sorta di graphic In pratica, musica ed immagini scorrono di pari passo creando l'episodio pilota di un'ipotetica serie sci-fi.

Bella la cover di "I Surrender" degli Adverts. Irriverenza horror. In the early years of , Mickey Evil created this band wanting to deal with some obscure topics, horror, serial killers and all sorts of God-be-with us nonsense. Completing music with a visual and theatrical expression.

Now, all that makeup has evolved in something ridiculous and I am talikng about the black metal corpse painting: when I see those bands I think it's hard to excuse them. The Mugshots are doing something similar but they have a point here, because it is a parody of such a story and everything seems kinda cute in the least because Mugshots do not want to look dangerous and pissed off at all costs.

Anyway, taken together they have created something that sound like a horror punk rock, even quite listenable, memorable, smooth, catchy and melodic at one time. The band has gone through all sorts of hassle of frequent changes and other troubles that live most of the bands, but they still managed to leave behind two albums. The Mugshots are now at a crossroads and, as a consequence, they issued the "Collected Works" album. At a crossroads, but as for me are free to publish some more albums.

I say this because I rarely get music that feels good at first listen. Guero bass. They released only two albums, featured on several compilations, and have earned special compliments from Captain Sensible, former bassist of English punk legends The Damned. The news that they are excellent live entertainers spread and they resemble the image of a punk parody inspired by Alice Cooper and Kiss with abundant make-up which is more like a horror version of the circus clown.

As incredible as it may sound, this debut album was initially released in only pieces, although it presents very fine music, almost fitting for radiophonic mainstream. A very good ingredient you will also be able to so that you can discussed together with the distributors but will enable you as well as typically the paperwork requested when obtaining the property or house. Household hunters should really seek out assist out of your housing organisation considering purchasing a real-estate property can be described as complex method.

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