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This gets beleivers out of a hole, but doesnt really prove much to non beleivers, who on the same basis would have to acknowledge the truth of buddhism, hinduism, islam, animism and zorostrianism - all of whose followers have equivalent faith. So I would be interested to hear instead how you deal with the logical queries Rob has raised - why on earth would an omnipotent being play such convoluted games in a universe that it has supposedly brought into being and set up the rules that it functions by?

If I beleived in the existence of such a deity I would be forced to the conclusion that it had acted extremely unethically! Please dont reply "god works in mysterious ways" as that is an attempt at a religious "get out of jail free" card. In reply to Chris the Tall: In reply to Chris the Tall: "Ignoring the typo's, you are saying the earliest significant manuscript dates from AD - in other words after Paul and Constantine changed the religion.

Its the study of scripture, or more to the point the study of interpretation of the Scripture. It can also be used in the context of philosophy Believe it or not the use of Latin and Greek changes dramatically over decades and centuries, so scholars can use key indicators to see if a document is: 1 really from the period it claims to be from 2 from that period in its entirety The middle ages was full of such forged documents, excepted at the time due to poor understanding of this process. Now thanks to good scholarship easily spotted and generally agreed by the entire academic community.

The use of Hermeneutics suggest that the two codex are copies of a earlier version, a version written when Christianity was the faith of "slaves and women" not the power hungry. The concept of re-writing the gospels is not taken seriously by those who study them, many of whom chose to except their historical validity but are not Christians.

Wilson refers to the various roles of Jesus including the historical Jesus as well as the Jesus of the Bible. In reply to Simon Wells: It seems that not only do believe that every word in the bible is the absolute truth, but also that everyone who has ever studied it has come to the same conclusion. Sorry, I don't. Who wants to have someone who is forced to love them? Humans can do their own thing, it goes well, then they say I know lets do that one symbolic thing we have been told not to do.

When asked Man blames Women, women blames snake, we don't know what the snake blamed but I think it was society. So that how sIn enters the world, I is the most important letter in sin, I want, I'll have, I'll take. Pretty soon leads to murder etc.

God says "MMMmmm, I can't have the relationship I want to with them and things are going pretty wrong on earth, 'cause all that "I" stuff means they can't hear me?!?! How about a symbolic gesture that'll show they don't mean I all the time? A sort of sorry, and I'm so sorry I'll give you in a symbolic way. How about the best sheep in the flock or the best dove or just the best bit of your crop.

That kind of works for a while, but things get worse. But why bother if God is totally in control why not just wipe the slate clean, just magic it all away and we can live happily ever after. But God had given us free will, it had to be something people could choose to do or choose not to do. But if you are right, I have lived a pointless life following a forgery. If I am right I get to live the rest of eternity with the guy who love me so much he created grit stone. In reply to Simon Wells: Sorry but I lost the thread there!

Can you try again in simple language? In reply to Rob Naylor: In reply to Rob Naylor: "Again, I find your standpoint astonishing given your mentions of the fact that you've been trained to professionally evaluate and sift historical evidence. But then the Bible and the Torah has not changed much in thousands of years, where as our view of history changes with every new article.

My bet is on the Bible, I love history, but I know she is a shifting mistress subject to whims and fashions. Not a good basis to build your life on.

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Why would loads of sane people base their life on a lie? Especially as we have people like you to point out our stupidity!

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Ask the questions! You could chose to go to a "Alpha Course" at a local church, give them hell! In reply to Trangia: Sure God and humans separated by human selfishness, a great barrier that we can not get over or under. So God builds a bridge across the barrier a bridge made from a cross. We can choose to cross that bridge or we can choose to ignore it. Make the proof to the bridges assistance to strong either way and you have no choice. And God wants us to choose not be forced. In reply to Simon Wells: "We can choose to cross that bridge or we can choose to ignore it.

And God wants us to choose not be forced" Err scrub the assistance bit, that should read exsistance! As I said earlyer "Casted the stoned nis first".

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In reply to Simon Wells: Sorry, but I think you are talking in riddles, or as Vertically Challanged puts it, resorting to the "god works in mysterious ways" card. Your talk of bridges being created by the sacrifice of the son of a mythical omipitant being just doesn't make sense. Rothermere 13 Dec In reply to Simon Wells: I would choose not to cross it because I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm a nicer bloke than this God chappy. I've seen his representatives on earth and they're not up to much.

Just look at the Mediccis. How was this consistent with the principle of human free will? Wibble Wibble 13 Dec At least one set of adherents comprising millions of people although mainly sane, are indeed living a lie. In reply to Simon Wells: Although since you are evidently in touch, please pass on my congratulations on the Aurora Borealis. I hope it will still be included in the next upgrade. Hold the spiders though - little jewelled geckos might fill the niche nicely instead.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

No contemporary accounts for Julius Ceaser, yet you and I except he existed based on a copy of a copy of a copy written years after Ceaser death. Hermeneutics help us to show that the Gallic Wars are genuine and not changed or manipulated. When we apply the same level of skill to the Gospels most scholors come to the same conclusion most of the time. The gospels are copies of copies with the first one written with in decades of the events. For most historians and interested parties the debate over the existence of Jesus finished some time ago.

Most informed parties agree on this.

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You chose to disagree 6. I disagree with you 7.

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Yes, interpretation can be subject to the fashions of the day, but in general, as time passes, our overall knowledge base improves. At first glance a convincing statement 2. But what about Bloody Mary? Killer and torturer. Prof Loades, who I studied under in the 's was the Chief Revisionist who argued she was a good monarch and did not deserve her reputation.

Now in the 00's we are seeing the post-revisionist arguing she was indeed bloody. I expect to see the post-post revisionist soon. This shows us that history is perception. No more facts about Mary 1st have come to light. Sorry Ranker was wrong the theory of Absolute History you seem to be putting forward was his history changes, cause perceptions and politics change. The Torah and now the Bible have with stood some very aggressive attacks, sure they do not match our current perceptions totally, but it would appear they are a surprisingly accurate for a bunch of documents written by late Roman and early medieval forgers bent on world domination.

So accurate it makes you wonder……. Loads of otherwise sane people based their lives on following Mithras before Mithraism and other contemporary religions were supplanted by Christianity, yet I doubt that you'd argue that Mithraism was based on an accurate perception of the world.

  1. Who wrote the synoptic gospels?.
  2. Lacora, Atelier Coopératif de Recherche-Action : Constructions collectives de savoirs dacteurs en société (Recherche-action en pratiques sociales) (French Edition).
  4. Weak willed people who need the myths of the Bible to help us get through each day. Or are we people who realize there is a bigger thing here? That we need God?