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Thank you so much, Mark, for contacting us about Patty Gegenheimer , and sharing with us some of your very warm and touching memories of her. She was indeed involved for a time as a member of The Golddiggers, and you are also correct about when — it was during the season, the first year of the syndicated series, Chevrolet Presents The Golddiggers. We hope that you and all of our visitors will enjoy this newest entry, and consider it a preview of the additional material soon to follow.

I struck Gold by finding this site about ten minutes ago. Great work! Well planned out and researched. Lovely to see so many stills to of these lovely ladies. I did enquire about the Dean Martin show releases once and was put off when I heard they were edited compilations which I thought would possibly omit a lot of the portions with the dancers unfortunately. Has it ever been seen anywhere since ? One tip about some of the video grabs you have made that might improve things slightly.

Music: The Hermes Experiment, The Hug & Pint, Glaagow, five stars

If so then this really needs to be deinterlaced to remove it. Below is an example on one of your shots. I hope this is helpful. Thank you for your message, Jonathan — as well as your very professional assistance in the area of image enhancement. Actually, as inveterate Photoshop users, we are quite familiar with the technique of deinterlacing, and applied it to many of the stills included on our site. Your discovery prompted us to review ALL of the images on our site, and as far as we could determine, there were only two others that had not been previously deinterlaced but which could be improved by the adjustment — those being the lead-off picture of Diane Davis in her profile and the next-to-last screen capture of Michelle DellaFave in hers.

So accordingly, we have fixed and replaced those shots, and likewise, supplanted our original first still of Melissa with a deinterlaced version similar to the one that you sent us. There were a couple of other stills that we adjudged to be potential candidates for deinterlacing, but as you are no doubt aware, in making ANY changes to images, there are often trade-offs involved, and in this case, we found that experimenting on other stills with the deinterlace command in Photoshop resulted in the introduction of an unacceptably high level of grain and other artifacts, so we decided to leave all else as is.

Regarding your second question on that topic, the one-hour London shows were, in fact, repeated in syndication in the USA during a brief window between the time that the series ended its original run on NBC in September of and before the weekly half-hour Chevrolet Presents The Golddiggers debuted in September of Edited, minute versions of the London episodes were also telecast in in the UK.

Those programs included many of the segments shown on the longer US versions, but due to contractual restrictions, none of the Great Britain shows featured Marty Feldman. Paradoxically, a handful of comedy bits in which Marty appeared on the U. But when it comes to wanting to see more of the ladies, all we can say is: We empathize!

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Meanwhile, Jonathan, we invite you and others who share our goal to join with us, spread the word, and keep the movement going. It CAN make a difference. Thank you for your excellent piece on Lee Hale. I was a big fan of the Dean Martin show and remember seeing his name on the credits but I had no idea that he did so much for the show. It certainly seems like he was and is loved by everybody. Thanks for this great site for all of these ladies.

You can count MY vote in favor of it.

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I congratulate the Golddiggers site in honoring my friend Lee Hale. He graciously accepted. Lee and I were members of the Society of Singers, and when organizing interviews for my first few books, Lee volunteered subjects and put me in touch with those he knew, including Jerry Vale whose bio I later put together with Jerry. When Lee decided to write his book on Dean, he wrote me for advice and sent galleys. I liked his book and made him aware of the pitfalls of writing and publishing and encouraged him to submit it to publishers. He eventually struck gold.

The book is the best Dean Martin book. Lee Hale is a very unselfish, talented and modest man who deserves much credit for the validity and success of the Dean Martin show. And, for nine long years he was the stand-in, the musical director and show organizer. The Golddiggers absolutely loved — and still love him. Dom DeLuise loves him.

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Dean Martin was grateful, too. And, Lee was a good friend to June Allyson. That alone tells you of his character. June very carefully chose her confidants. Lee Hale is a great voice for our kind of music. Thank you Lee. Richard, we thank you so much for providing us with some additional thoughts and information about Lee Hale, drawn from your own knowledge of his career and your experiences in working with him and getting to know him as a friend. For true fans of Dean Martin and the show that bears his name, this is essential material that should not be missed.

This is really tremendous! Dean was one of a kind. Thanks, Lydia. And a period of our past that means so much. Ed, we are honored that you took the time to look over our website, and deeply gratified by your kind words about the site in general, and our recent salute to Lee Hale in particular. In addition, he was the producer for one season of Chico and The Man , produced the summer replacement variety series that starred 5th Dimension singers Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.

Thanks again for stopping by. Is there a way for me to obtain that prior music? I have tried searching for it, but have not had any luck. Once there, just enter the word Golddiggers in the Search box, and you should be greeted with many happy returns.

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It puts watching the shows in a whole new light; is it safe to say that you girls never knew what was going to happen? Were you, as a group, ever tempted to mess with him a little just to keep him on his toes? I would imagine the set was rife with practical jokes….


Also, do you all stay in touch? Thanks for all those great shows.

Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi by Joseph Grimaldi, a Project Gutenberg eBook.

Jon, we can tell you for sure that the show opening that you described never took place on either the or Golddiggers summer shows, or on either of the two seasons of the Chevrolet Presents The Golddiggers series. It brings back memories of Christmases past. I just want to close by sending everyone my best wishes for the holidays and I hope that is a year of great happiness and peace for you and your families.

You said you would if you could get a copy from her. I checked back a few times during the year and never saw it. I wonder if this was just a coincidence or you guys were saving it. She would have been perfect for the movie She can sing much better than Madonna too! Thank you for showing that clip and also the others.

Mary Fortune

I would love to see more. I know that might not be possible but it sure would be NICE!

follow site One of my friends had suggested Dean Martin and the Golddiggers. Upon surfing to find names I came across the Dingaling sisters. Well that was perfect as there were 4 females. Unfortunately little Tara had a congenital defect and I lost her at about 4 weeks old.

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  7. That is why there are only the 3 girls names there. I went and perused your web site. How much fun is that?!

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    Way kewl! The lady that adopted Dean was so excited when I shared your web site with her. Too fun. Lorelei, it was both a genuine eye-opener and a delightful treat, whilst roaming the Internet one sleepy night not long ago, to discover a variation on Dean Martin and The Dingaling Sisters of a decidedly different, but altogether winsome breed. As you might expect, we were instantly taken with the good-looking and obviously talented ensemble that we found on your website, and we were hardly the only ones who felt that way: It was love at first sight, as well, for members of the GoldsAndDings group, with whom we first shared this adorable item, before passing it along over Christmas to the wider audience of the Super Site.

    Dean Martin and the Dingaling Sisters. Recently my mom passed away and upon going through her things I came across several record albums. Upon talking with my nephews I found out that my mom had passed her Christmas albums to my brother to record on cassette. A cassette was easier for her to handle since she was 84 years old. When my only brother and sister-in-law died 14 months ago, before mom, the nephews got rid of everything. Threw away, gave away, whatever!

    I never knew that they did this until I lost my mom.