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LeRoi is the first in the series, and SamSara is the 3rd book of the series. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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Book Description Fisher King Press, Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Items related to Menopause Man. Menopause Man. Mel Mathews. Before starting treatment with an aromatase inhibitor, you will have a bone density scan to check your bone health. Examples of aromatase inhibitors include anastrozole, exemestane and letrozole. They are taken daily as a tablet, usually for 5—10 years.

Side effects of aromatase inhibitors may include joint and muscle pain, bone thinning and weakening osteoporosis , vaginal dryness, low mood, hot flushes and weight gain. For women with arthritis, aromatase inhibitors may worsen joint stiffness and pain. Exercise or medicines from your doctor may help with this. For women who have not reached menopause, there are treatments that can stop the ovaries from producing oestrogen, either temporarily or permanently. These are sometimes recommended as an additional treatment for women taking tamoxifen.

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Also known as ovarian suppression, this treatment includes the drug goserelin brand name Zoladex , which stops oestrogen production. The drug is given as an injection by a nurse or your GP once a month for 2—5 years to bring on a temporary menopause. Side effects are similar to those of permanent menopause. Ovarian ablation is treatment that permanently stops the ovaries from producing oestrogen.

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It usually involves surgery to remove the ovaries oophorectomy. Ovarian ablation will bring on permanent menopause. This means you will no longer be able to become pregnant. If you may want to become pregnant in the future, ask your doctor for a referral to a fertility specialist before treatment starts. For more on this, see Fertility and Cancer. We also thank the health professionals, consumers and editorial teams who have worked on previous editions of this title. This booklet is funded through the generosity of the people of Australia.

The cancer information on this website is based on the Understanding Cancer series booklets published by Cancer Council. Over yourself, I mean - not in a megalomaniacal Donald Trump kind of way. You are no longer a barely intersecting Venn diagram of youthful beauty and raging insecurity, but are a fully installed, fully integrated woman, like an elegant and perfectly placed fridge freezer.

'Menopause is power. It is freedom'

Is loss of sex drive really a thing for every menopausal woman? Of course not. What nonsense. Instead, it's more a question of goodbye contraception and the risk of accidentally getting knocked up aged 46 , hello lubricant. Make friends with lube - not that strawberry trifle peach schnapps jellified filth favoured by youth, but proper silicon-based stuff.

Because you're worth it. Even better is coconut oil - pc natural, smells great, works well and has built-in anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. It works pretty much everywhere the menopause dries out - hair and skin, as well as vaginas. Menopause is still the female equivalent of erectile dysfunction, in that we tend not to talk about it enough. Admittedly the andropause is so untalked about that it is a barely recognised term, yet the menopause is considered as unsexy as a floppy penis. But while floppy penises have an entire pharmacology industry erected around them in the shape of those blue diamond-shaped pills, menopause is still confined to a dusty shelf at the back of the pharmacy that stocks the evening primrose oil and incontinence pads.

This needs to change. Why don't we talk more openly about menopause?

Why is it not as normalised as menstruation? Half the entire population will go through it, yet it is still treated like a slightly odd specialist condition. Come on, everyone.

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It's not haemorrhoids. When Monica Belluci was announced as a 'Bond woman' appearing in the franchise's current offering, it made headlines - Belluci, at 51, is three years older than Daniel Craig.

source site Within the prehistoric arena of Hollywood, it is normal for a leading man's love interest to be upto several decades younger - examples are so numerous I can't be bothered to list any - while similarly aged love interests are so rare that you could be forgiven in thinking Spectre involves full-blown gerontophilia.

It doesn't. Watch it and weep - both with laughter and frustration. And total indentification, as anyone with a vagina over the age of 45 who has ever been on a dating site will attest. Please don't bother saying 'But Helen Mirren Nobody should have to grow old gracefully, or talk about wearing purple hats, or feel compelled to pay a man to stitch their face somewhere far above their hairline. Ageing is tricky enough, without adding cultural anxiety to cellular degeneration. Especially when this cultural anxiety is applied only to women - where are the post-menopausal women on telly, in fashion and advertising, in the movies, in popular culture?

Madonna aside, obviously - yet she is routinely castigated and ridiculed for being both sexual and menopausal simultaneously. The dominant culture message is ugh, put it away, love. We do not send this message to post-potent men - instead we prop them up with Viagra and cultural desirability. Dr Aubrey de Grey is a biogerontology theorist who thinks ageing is a curable disease, and that menopause could, one day, be eliminated. That within the next 20 years or so, regenerative therapies could be applied to ovaries, so that they could be rejuvenated by stimulating or replenishing their stem cells.

But why, ladies, why? Why would you want to have your ovaries stimulated when what they would really prefer is a nice lie down? Who wants to be pregnant aged Helen Mirren or thereabouts? Obviously this is not about the fertility choices of any individual woman, but the wider message is that ageing is something to be medicalised and counter-attacked.

It's not.

With menopause comes a whole new lease of life and exploration, yet all we ever hear about is bloody wrinkle cream and ways of staying young. This is so short-sighted and pointless it makes me want to scream. Menopause is power.