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New Arrivals. CODE: Add to wish list. Menace has always stalked his fiction. Science fiction isn't always so hot on the science part. Self moaned last year that difficult literary fiction was a dying art form. Some of the most popular characters in detective fiction have been around for a long time. The most interesting thing about this work of science fiction is the story of its creator.

The previous detectives in fiction were more cavalier characters. The vital skill for a writer of fiction is to make lies seem true. There is also a good US awards system for short fiction and the critical acclaim has helped. This year they have overhauled their awards to reflect the modern appetite for romantic fiction. The Sun When does historical fiction become historical fantasy? Who says historical fiction lacks true grit? Yet what is the distinction between autobiography and fiction these days?

He certainly enjoyed light romantic fiction and read fanciful books. It should be the work of fiction. It was his first work of fiction. One judge said that it was the first time literary fiction had successfully dealt with the internet. The writing too is more evolved than you would have found in Victorian pulp fiction.


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What is more, it is fact rather than fiction. His nonfiction was also in demand with editors and was at least as popular as his fiction. Christianity Today Some feminists turned towards poetry, fiction and autobiography. There is no need for nuclear weapons or the inventions of science fiction writers. Some people wink when they hear Marcel whistle this tune. Finally Saint-Loup catches on and changes his tune:. Neo-Homeric romanticism?

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One audience will swoon, the other will laugh at the suggestiveness of this distraction. Meanwhile, back to the seduction:. I notice two relevant things in this passage:. First, Saint-Loup uses almost all the same sweet-talk as Charlus to pull in young Marcel who is nibbling eagerly on the line. Special note about the words gay and gai meaning homosexual.

Could Proust have meant them to mean gay in the new sense? I think that is likely. Very likely. I expect Proust drew on his vacation in Bruges in Flanders to write these passages. Those countries were also already places where the majority of people could handle both French and English. Everyone knew the North Coast was a gay scene in the sense of pleasure ports.

I think this must have been where and how gay came to equal homosexual. Saint-Loup continues to reel in Marcel with sweet-talk about his great affection for the boy plus concern about his poor, poor health. By the way, Loup means wolf in French:.

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The passage about people seeing and hearing differently may be during this wait time. That makes me think Proust was really thinking about a vacation in Bruges where the laws were much more liberal, mostly to encourage tourism. What an Eden-like country this is indeed. Saint-Loup strings young Marcel on a bit more. In fact, he sounds a bit like a lawyer grilling a youngster testifying at a trial about indecency with a minor.

Page Naturally, Saint-Loup had already obtained permission from the captain to let Marcel spend the night. When he announced that, Marcel exclaimed like a very young girl:. Saint-Loup and Marcel settle in for the night together and Marcel tells us nothing about their love making, directly. This culminates with Marcel telling us heroically:. Shortly after spending the night with Saint-Loup, Marcel asks him to tutoyer him.

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More important perhaps, the tu form would brush Marcel with a bit of aristocracy. Not really a nice thing to call an enamored, plump little twelve year old in front of a bunch of soldiers living in barracks. Saint-Loup seems to be bragging about his hard work as a soldier, rehearsing movements all day long on the traning grounds, while Marcel just stolls cruises around town.

Like Charlus, Saint-Loup instinctively protected the pecking order that was his royal birthright.

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Later, the soldiers who were present when Saint-Loup called Marcel a young pig express great eagerness for Marcel to come back to visit them, even when Saint-Loup is absent. The reader is now at page and has never before seen Marcel this happy. I am convinced Proust is trying to secretly tell some readers that Marcel has found his true home, his true country.

The most discerning and the warmest tributes came from outside France None the less, A la recherch du temps perdu never made the top of anybody's Best Seller list. It has also never been banned or burned. Both of those facts say a lot. I started the novel 45 years ago and never really wanted to get back to it until this year. I've read the first half and am exhausted already.

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Knowning how bad Proust drank and used drugs, I figure he did his best work young, so I may never finish the novel. In my opinion, Proust is a novelists novel, an academics novel. Very few people can really read it for enjoyment.

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Try Fiddler on the Roof if you want easy entertainment. Some of the theories about sexuality in Temps Perdu come from Medieval philosophy. I find those in the mouth of Charlus. Those page references are found in the section about Charlus and Marcel hooking up. Others reflect knowledge of more recent writing about human sexuality. They come out of the mouths of the next generations. However, that is not so sure. Marcel and Proust? See the section on Charlus. It seems to me there are three different types of love stories in Temps perdu. Stories about family love, stories about opposite sex love, and stories about same sex love.

Proust also seems to call our attention to the fact that all three of these types of love can cause problems.