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As dark night of the soul empties out the cellular body and deconstructs the spiritual ego, we are literally turned inside out, either as a result of facing an internal whirlwind of psychic storms, or in the aftermath of repetitive loss and unexpected changes in our external reality. Whether entrenched in fear, afraid of the world, withdrawn from life, exhausted, fatigued, uninspired, unable to sleep, or emotionally triggered by the egos of others, I accept each of these symptoms are a part of a deeper process underway; where my cellular body is emptying out and recalibrating my nervous system to embody the awakening of 5D crystalline DNA.

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During this process, I will face anything and everything that binds me to the survival patterns of human behavior, as a chance to offer forgiveness, love, and light to the most unrecognized parts of self. In doing so, I offer love to the parts that have never been loved, allowing all aspects of self to align with the light already awake within me. I accept that even though the light of divinity is already awake within me, my role is to help spread it out and expand it throughout my being by offering love to the parts that may act unloving that desire love while being afraid of the love it desires.

I also accept that I am only motivated to act in a way that confronts my deepest and most subtle spiritual judgments, as a way of cultivating a level of humility equal to the expanded wisdom I seek and embrace. In knowing it is so, I accept dark night of the soul as a double agent working on behalf of the Universe, ensuring my purest alignment in the light is complete as I move into the paradise of 5D consciousness.

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And so I am reborn as the eternal light I AM. As dark night of the soul comes to an end, we inter into the integration process that moves us into the awareness of 5D reality. I am working my way through it and I keep telling myself that if God can forget and forgive Paul's past He can and will forget and forgive mine.

So, like Paul, I try daily to forget the past and press on.

Thank you for writing this book. Liz Curtis Higgs.

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Ok No Privacy Policy. In that vein, here are some ways to get your deeper mind to reveal the issues you may need to face. Again, this is the most challenging part of the battle. However, merely shining light on the issues initiates the healing process.


Check it out here. It even comes with a free worksheet. And remember, most problems are simple at their core. And the solutions are equally simple.

Here are seven tips to get the process started. A simple question — and a simple, honest answer will be so helpful. Of course you already know that it takes two to tango. Communication problems are a two way street and you always have a choice.

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At some level, you may be investing in sustaining the problem. How are you doing that?

justrininete.ml Explore this if you dare. Then, float on over and pretend you are this person.