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Start a Fire With a Hammer! (Strike Until Its Red Hot!)

And then there are dreams of the likes of Thierry Deveaux, french daredevil, who apparently had the dream of crashing a motorized hang glider into the Statue of Liberty. It appears that he had dreamed of doing this all for the name of art. His little stunt risked lives and cost a bit of money — not a very good dream.

These false prophets had dreams of their own. What was their dream? Their big hope was that they could dupe the rest of the people into a false sense of security. They wanted everybody to believe their lies, so that they could be popular. They wanted to be the sensations! They wanted to be in the limelight. And so they told the people they had dreams.

What they meant was that they had received special revelations from God. Yet, behind it all they had their own dreams and aspirations. In fact, it was essential for people to doubt God in order for to believe the lies. Just think what they said about God. Can anyone hide in secret places so that I cannot see him?

Sparks From Workman’s Hammer Ignited Deadly Mendocino Ranch Fire – CBS San Francisco

Declares the LORD. By those very questions we can see what kind of lies these false teachers were spreading about God. That message contradicts everything Jeremiah had said, and became a stumbling block. The same stony lies that were spoken against Jeremiah are still prevalent today. In fact, there are a lot of churches, which found themselves on their contradictions of the Bible and insist they are right.

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You understand it your way, and I understand it my way. What subtle lies! These are the bricks and mortar that harden and hide our hearts from God. We all have the inherent desire to want to stonewall God. Our sinful flesh thinks it can build up barriers to keep God out, so that we can find the answers to our dreams all on our own.

God knows all about the stubborn casing we place around our hearts and lives. His Word is strong like a sledgehammer, smashing stone and concrete. His Law hammers us to pieces.

Hugh Hammer

We might have selfish dreams of lives without God. Independence Day Preaching. Summer Sermon Series. Online Sermon Editor. View all Sermons. Download Sermon with PRO.

More than structures were damaged or destroyed. The fire, which was part of a larger blaze called the Mendocino Complex, "was caused by a spark or hot metal fragment landing in a receptive fuel bed," the agency said, adding the spark came from a hammer driving a metal stake into the ground. No charges have been filed against the property owner, who was not identified. A Cal Fire spokesman said investigators found no violations of state law.

Coverage of brush fires across the state

The property owner told officials he was putting up a shade cloth that had blown down when he disturbed an underground nest of yellow jackets, according to an investigation report. He is allergic to bee stings, and after the insects stopped swarming, he quickly hammered in the stake to plug the hole, the report said.

Soon after, the property owner smelled smoke and saw a fire in the vegetation. The blaze started in the community of Upper Lake in Mendocino County and was fueled by tinder-dry vegetation, strong winds and high temperatures, Cal Fire said in a statement.

The fire destroyed nearly 160 homes and killed a firefighter from Utah last year

A firefighter from Utah died in August from injuries he suffered while battling the fire, and three other firefighters also were injured. In all, the Mendocino Complex burned , acres, or more than square miles. Both fires were fully contained by September. The Mendocino Complex fire is larger than the Thomas Fire, which is the second-largest by acreage in modern state history and which raged in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties near Los Angeles in late and early