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They all have been really though, those two just stood out most to me.

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Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. November 27, Home Music Reviews Roman Kharkovsky —…. Facebook 2, Fans. Twitter 5, Followers. Youtube Subscriber. Soundcloud Followers. Blog Posts. Jer SBS. For the more athletic visitors, there is a ropeway for you to enjoy. There are a number of delicious restaurants to check out in the area. Enjoy music streaming throughout the park coming from some adorable decorative mushrooms.

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Endearing statues of children and funny animals are scattered all over the park for you to discover. Bring some crumbs and you can feed the joyous and plump squirrels.

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You will be able to park conveniently close to the park for a small fee. There are free, and clean, restroom facilities throughout the park. With so many diverse attractions, Gorky Park has something for everyone. A trip to Kharkov is made that much more delightful with a stop at Gorky. This enchanting animal enclosure has a wide variety of different sea mammals to learn about.

Visitors get to learn all about conservation efforts in the Ukraine and the impacts its having on the local environment. Dedicated to helping preserve the dolphin population in particular, the dolphinarium is a delight for both young and old. The experienced trainers running dolphinarium will provide you with all the training you need to safely enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

For eighty minutes of unforgettable show stopping action, and an incredibly reasonable fee, you will be happy you experienced it.

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In addition to the full length show, there are a number of theatrical performances with both dolphins and other sea animals throughout the day. The park is open every day except Monday. You can catch the 50 minute shows which run three times a day. The real showstopper occurs at 9pm on the weekends.

The Kharkov Adventure....What a lifetime expirience

Children younger than 5 are free to enter. This gorgeous Botanical garden is an enchanting piece of local life in Kharkov. A bit off the typical tourist trail, this area offers great opportunity to catch a glimpse of real daily life in Kharkov. The main feature of the garden is the natural cold water spring. You can fill up your water bottle at this refreshing location. The spring forms a small pool which sits directly across from the Wooden Church located on the hill. The pool is used for a variety of purposes including church baptisms and relaxing summer cool down sessions.

Visitors are welcome at the Wooden Church, but be sure to cover your head, as per the local custom, when you enter.


There are a number of hiking trails to explore, but be sure to bring your map and water bottle as there are few amenities on the way. This Botanical Garden is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Take in some of the natural plant life and allow yourself to breathe. One of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Kharkov is Freedom Square. Famous as the ninth largest square in the entire world, and the second largest in Europe, it hosts the majority of the big concerts and shows. In the winter months, a large skating rink opens up in addition to the ice city and massive Christmas tree. The total area of the square is There is a variety of different attractions throughout including the DerzhProm building, the Karazin National University, and Schevchenko Park.

The square was originally constructed between During this time, Kharkiv was the capital of the republic of the Ukrain. One gets a profound sense of the history and importance of this location from the number of monumental buildings surrounding it. The most famous of these monuments is by far the Gosprom which has come to be a symbol for the city.

During the past thirty years, a number of the original constructions have undergone restoration. The original designers of the square envisioned it as the center of both business and management for the city. Freedom Square offers visitors a unique opportunity to get to know this enchanting city.

Chat with the locals as you explore the history of this great space.

Walk in the centre of Kharkov, Ukraine with Michael Mordinson, 9 December 2018

This gorgeous park is convenient located in the center of the city and close to a number of memorable attractions. Here you can grab a relaxing moment to breath and relax in the natural surroundings. For the animal lovers in your party, you will find a charming local zoo in addition to a delphinarium at Shevchenko Park. There are a number of different types of animals to see at this local zoo. For the history buffs, you will find the Schevchenko monument for which the park got its name.

This location is also a great spot for a night jog or relaxing evening walk. Be sure to spend some time relaxing on the terraces in the park. They offer a great spot for visitors to relax. There are a ton of young locals in the area, so if you want to get the inside scoop on living in Kharkov, this is a great place to get it. The most popular restaurant here is Kristal which is close to the Opera Theater.

Another popular restaurant is called Cascade. There is also several opportunities to enjoy some ice cream which is highly recommended during the warmer summer months. This city has endured a number of impressive moments in the history of this area. Today it is the capital of the Ukraine. With such a rich and fascinating history, there is a lot to see and do in this important city. You will find a wide variety of theaters, religious sites, and museums which offer profound insight into the Ukraine and its people. This city proudly boasts two World Heritage Sites.

The first is known as the Monastery of the Caves which dates back to , and the Saint Sophia Cathedral which was founded in The fourth largest city in the Ukraine, approximately one million people call Odessa home.


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Originally founded back in the 18th century, the city was designed to be a Russian naval fortress. Odessa is strategically located along the Black Sea coast, so it offered many great benefits as a naval fortress. During the 19th century, the city became a free port which led to an incredibly diverse population. Individuals from numerous nations came to this city.

During , Odessa was the location of a significant uprising for the Russian Revolution. Today visitors can enjoy an enchanting old town including a beautiful opera house, in addition to a number of nearly perfect beaches. Climb the tower at the town hall for a great city view. The Lviv Opera House is dazzling and hosts world-class performances.

Yalta is an enchanting resort city located in the south of the Ukraine.