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Best Of Weddings Makeup Artist 2018 | The Knot

Such is the case with the Spinal Columns. They are based on a type of heaving line knot, the knot sailors tie at the end of a line in order to throw rope from ship to shore. It tied the piece back to the land in a meaningful way. This was another case of going deep with a knot family I learned during the Year of Knots— splices. Splices are utterly fascinating.

You unfurl the rope into 3 or 4 strands then marry them to another rope part, like the rope is a biomorphic organism dividing and growing, consuming itself and others. To me, these animal, fertile knots are palpably alive.

The shapes are geometric abstractions of natural forms such as mountain peaks, valleys, and waves. They also resemble quilts, where each piece is made by a different person in this case, my assistants and the whole is constructed from disparate parts.

Professional Makeup Artist

One of the ropes had been utilized in the second ever descent into an active volcano. These were precious materials I was honored to get to use. Work in progress.

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Andy Groove & Sam Vince - The Knot (Ivan Seagal Remix)

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The Knot: Arte Povera at P.S. 1 | MoMA

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Interview: Artist Turns Complex Knot Tying into a Sculptural Art Form

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