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A werewolf with no interest in being tied down by a mate. He never takes any man seriously. Trig's fierce and loyal, hard on the outside and soft underneath. He's the guy of my dreams, and my worst nemesis. We know which scars to pick at, wounds to rend open. The holidays are turning out to be the ultimate test of our newfound relationship.

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I'm in charge of Christmas dinner, but nothing's going my way. Trig's in jail for assaulting old ladies, and our beloved Corgi has fallen sick. Oh, and Trig's devoted fans are screaming for my blood. What else can go wrong? People say if you say it often enough, it loses meaning. That's bullshit.

Three On the Prowl

Paul and I have known each other since we were kids, but what we have isn't just puppy love anymore. We complete each other. I can't get Paul out of my heart and the same goes for him.

This isn't me shutting the door to the final chapter of our love story. It's me opening the door to our new one. Seller Inventory APC More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Alpha's Tutor Book 1 A small town boy moving into the big city is a dream come true for shy teacher Remy Carlson.

Dreams are good until reality rams its ugly head. Barely able to make rent, Remy believes it's too good to be true when he's offered a tutoring job by the city's most eligible billionaire bachelor and alpha werewolf Ethan Drake. Intrigued by the quiet and reserve tutor he hired for his daughter, Ethan finds his wolf wants to mate Remy badly, regardless of the consequences. Barriers come down during a single unforgettable night of pleasure, especially when Ethan discovers Remy's natural gift of submission.


He knows his dark brand of love is what Remy is searching for all his life, but Ethan has secrets of his own. Can Remy trust him with ultimate surrender? Alpha's Claim Book 2 Quiet and reserved private tutor Remy Carlson moved to the big city to pursue his dream of teaching, but Remy is about to find out the city has claws and teeth. It took one night for Remy Carlson to abandon his morals and professional ethics.

To surrender his body and heart to werewolf billionaire Ethan Drake, only to find out the domineering alpha has secrets. Secrets that might drag Remy into the deep waters of shifter politics. Leaving Ethan is the best solution, but forgetting him is much harder. How can Remy resist a possessive werewolf, one who has already decided to claim Remy as his the moment they first met? They took what rightfully belonged to him. Mistake number two: The poor suckers didn't think through mistake number one. Billionaire werewolf Ethan Drake believed he got his happily-ever-after when he found his fated mate in sexy and submissive human, Remy Carlson.

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To claim Remy, Ethan put his heart on the line and risked it all. Just when Ethan said good riddance to shifter politics, the past has a way of dragging him back to the mud. Doesn't matter though. The poor suckers who took his mate are about to find out what it's like, pissing off a possessive alpha. Alpha's Assistant Book 4 Joel works as a personal assistant to his boss, werewolf alpha Damon Raines.

He has serious trust issues, and Damon doesn't do commitments. It's a perfect arrangement. Alpha's Heart Book 5 Two months had passed since my boss and Dom, Damon Raines, turned my erotic and kinky fantasies into a reality. Eight wonderful weeks of leading me on the leash and helping me realize submission is a gift. But happiness doesn't last forever. It's always complicated when your boss is a billionaire werewolf. The supernatural city council gave Damon three days to find a suitable mate. The clock's ticking, the competition's stiff, and I'm only human.

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Damon once pulled all the stops to make me his. Now, it's my turn to win the Alpha's heart. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. This book is printed on demand. Seller Inventory I More information about this seller Contact this seller 9.

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Published by Siren Publishing About this Item: Siren Publishing, His sessions with his therapist, Kane, are the only things he looks forward to. Sparks ignite after one accidental kiss. When Kane decides it s unprofessional to keep seeing Abram, all the cards come down and Abram s lion goes on a prowl. Abram might be one broken vet, but his lion knows Kane is his mate and letting go is not an option.

Omega cat shifter Kane has a huge problem. He s had a massive crush on Abram since the wounded vet entered his life. Copyright Law. Distribution of this e-book, in whole or in part, online, offline, in print or in any way or any other method currently known or yet to be invented, is forbidden.

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If you do not want this book anymore, you must delete it from your computer. All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental. Also, thank you for not sharing your copy of this book. No other individual or group has resale rights, auction rights, membership rights, sharing rights, or any kind of rights to sell or to give away a copy of this book.

The author and the publisher work very hard to bring our paying readers high-quality reading entertainment. To readers, I hope you enjoy reading this book as much I loved writing it. Pregnant silence followed, as they watched the casket being lowered to the ground.

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The wind ruffled black coats, black trousers and black dresses. The wind brought with it a ripple of unease, and everyone there felt it. It tasted tainted, and had an ominous air about it. Aside from the oak casket, five other caskets were lowered earlier. They now lay side-by-side in a straight line. Flowers lay at the foot of each gravestone in lurid colors, as if mocking the living for trying to give meaning to the meaningless deaths.

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  • Another was still where they left him, sitting on his knees in front of the tombstone of his dead mate, unable to see, feel or hear anyone around him. She was their leopard queen, a third of the heart that ruled their pack.