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Diptocarpus obtusifolius. Gluta Melanorrhoea usitata Anacardiaceae. The latter species is also called the Burmese lacquer tree and is well-known as a source of lacquer. The resin is chemically similar to the Japanese lacquer tree. Like the Japanese lacquer tree and poison oak, the resin canals also contain urushiol, a mixture of toxic phenolic compounds that cause a cell-mediated immune response in some people.

Identifications courtesy of Dr. Tomiki Sando, Thailand. The native range of hopseed bush Dodonea viscosa , a member of the Soapberry Family Sapindaceae , extends from Arizona to South America. It is also commonly cultivated in southern California. The papery, winged fruits flutter and spin in the air, and may be carried short distances by the wind.

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The jacaranda tree Jacaranda mimosifolia of northwestern Argentina. Like many other members of the Bignonia Family Bignoniaceae , the papery, winged seeds flutter and spin as they are carried by the wind. The quipo tree Cavanillesia platanifolia , a remarkable rain forest tree in the bombax family Bombacaceae with huge winged fruits. This massive tree is native to Panama. T he powdered inner bark of these pink-flowered species of pau d'arco is sold as a popular herbal remedy that reportedly stimulates the immune system.

According to a book by Kenneth Jones Pau d'Arco: Immune Power From the Rain Forest , Healing Arts Press, , this valuable herb has been proven successful in the treatment of certain cancers, allergies associated with the Candida yeast syndrome, and in disorders involving a weakened immune system. Specific Gravity Probably the best way to appreciate the relative hardness of different woods is the concept of "specific gravity," a numerical scale based on 1. Without getting too mathematical, the specific gravity of a substance can easily be calculated by dividing its density in grams per cubic centimeter by the density of pure water one gram per cubic centimeter.

The brilliant Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes discovered over 2, years ago that a body in water is buoyed up by a force equal to weight of the water displaced. Archimedes reportedly came upon this discovery in his bathtub, and ran out into the street without his clothing shouting "Eureka, I have found it. The principles of buoyancy and specific gravity are utilized in many ways, from scuba diving and chemistry to the hardness of dry, seasoned wood. Some of the heaviest hardwood trees and shrubs of the United States have specific gravities between 0.

Although some of these trees are called ironwoods, their dense, dry wood will still float in water. Since the pure cell wall material lignin and cellulose of wood has a density of about 1. True ironwoods include trees and shrubs with dry, seasoned woods that actually sink in water, with specific gravities greater than 1. They include lignum vitae Guaicum officinale , 1. To appreciate the weight of these hardwoods, compare them with tropical American balsa Ochroma pyramidale , one of the softest and lightest woods with a specific gravity of only 0.

Fuzzy brown cattail spikes Typha latifolia contain dense masses of tiny seeds, each with a tuft of silky hairs. Main article: Stellar wind. Main article: Atmospheric escape. Main article: Solar wind.

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